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Letter to the Editor: A Word of Thanks –

  Last week, the oversight of Juniper Village changed hands. Juniper Communities passed the baton to Dakavia. Juniper has been part of the Lamar community for more than 20 years. In that time, we have seen many changes not only in our local environment but in the needs of the people we serve. Our mission, […]

Letter to the Editor: Granada Trustees Offer Thanks to Commissioner Andrade

  Prowers County Commissioners: The Town of Granada Board of Trustees would like to thank Commissioner Wendy Andrade for her hard work and support on our recent issues with the Colorado Department of Health and our perceived landfill deficiencies. The cost of maintaining the landfill in a manner that is satisfactory to the Health Department […]

Letter to the Editor: Military Strength

It is hard for me to accept what our president is doing to our military and our country. When Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel announced they were going to cut back our military to pre-World War II status, I wasn’t surprised. Let me see if I have this straight: Hagel is the Secretary of Defense […]

Letter to the Editor: Woolley Candidate for Re-election

  I would like to announce my intention of running for re-election for the office of Prowers County treasurer in 2014.  I have enjoyed serving the citizens of Prowers County as their County Treasurer and Public Trustee for the past 19 years.  During my time in office, my staff and I have strived to make […]

Letter to the Editor: Cook Announces Candidacy for Commissioner

I’m Ron Cook, and I’m announcing my candidacy for the Office of Prowers County Commissioner District 2.  I’m a lifetime resident of Prowers County and for the past 16 years have owned my business in Lamar.  In my business dealings, I have worked closely with our law enforcement agencies.  I have also been involved in […]

Letter to the Editor – Recount

  In 2008, John Duvall lost the election to Henry Schnabel, for Prowers County Commissioner, by 19 votes.   Because the outcome was a few decimal points shy of  0.5%  (the threshold to automatically qualify for a RECOUNT);    the Prowers County Clerk, Dottie McCaslin,  informed  DuVall that he would need to pay the county $7,000 for […]

Letter to the Editor: Thank You to Voters

Dear Editor:  Thank you to all the people in Prowers County who voted and put their trust in my abilities. It is truly an honor to be elected as your Prowers County Commissioner for the next four years. I am deeply grateful to the citizens of Prowers County who have supported me and believed in […]

Letter to the Editor

Letter to Editor:  The documentary 2016:  Obama’s America; Love Him; Hate Him; But, You Don’t Know Him” can be seen this week on PPV on Directv and Dish ($4.99). Registered voters must see this researched film which tells how America is at a cross-road. First of all, watch for several key issues:  discussion of Obama’s […]

Letter to the Editor–Water & CO History

  Letter to the editor, Prowers Journal:  Last Friday, October 12, Colorado Supreme Court Justice Gregory Hobbs was at the Lamar Library to give a talk about water and Colorado. He told me after his presentation that his visit was arranged by Colorado Humanities and the Colorado Foundation for Water Education, of which he is […]

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor: I am pleased to write this letter in support of my brother, Donald Seufer, candidate for Prowers County Commissioner, District 1.  Even though I reside in Washington State, my heart and hopes will always be strong for the success and prosperity in Prowers County as my entire family resides there. I believe my […]

Letter to the Editor—Politician’s Personal Wealth

  Much discussion has been received especially through mainstream news reporters/TV attacking Romney for his wealth.  Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Marc Zuckerburg and Bill Gates, also wealthy citizens, created jobs.  Wiley some people criticize capitalism, that’s what built this country.  Why isn’t Obama criticizing their wealth?  Capitalism gives all the subgroups their entitlements!  They should […]

‘Thank You’ to the Community

On behalf of Voices of Southeast Colorado and Voces Unidas for making the Remembrance of 9/11 and Tribute to our local First Responders so successful.  It was impressive to see all our First Responders in uniform and with their equipment.  The patriotic songs presented to beautifully by the Noteables, Air Care’s spellbinding flyover, and the […]

Letter to Editor Alert to Phone Scams

The week of July 16, customers of Lamar banks and credit unions started receiving calls on both cell and land line phones from a number that displayed as 000 000 0000.  These calls tried to identify themselves as your financial institution and tell you that your debit card had been locked.  You only had to […]

Letter to the Editor: Wendy Buxton-Andrade

Wendy Buxton-Andrade is ready to work full time to make Prowers County stronger and position the county and it’s communities for future economic growth and stability. “To accomplish these goals, we must offer farmers and businesses incentives to grow and expand; “To provide an affordable tax base along with reducing and/or eliminating crippling rules and […]

Letter to the Editor, Re: Riverside Cemetery

To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this letter because I am concerned with the choice that the City of Lamar has made to neglect Riverside Cemetery. On Mother’s Day the weeds were grown up around all of the headstones and when complaints were made about the condition of the cemetery people were told […]

Letter to the Editor – Local Recreation Sports

Letter to the Editor Local Recreation Sports People are always asking why teens in Lamar can not seem to stay out of trouble and ask what can we do to help kids within the community keep busy so that they do not have time to cause trouble. It always seems to be that when an […]

To the Citizens Of Lamar Colorado

I would like to congratulate Ms. Haggard on her win of the Third Ward City Council Seat. I wish you the best of luck and god bless. I would like to also give a heartfelt thank you to all those that voted for me. We must all continue to have positive thinking in knowing that […]

Letter to the Editor

  October 19, 2011 To the Editor: During the past year we have had a considerable quantity of national news concerning many topics of national interest. The media as well as the government on the state and national level has been consumed with the national debt, health care, jobs, the economy, and many other very […]