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Advertise With The Prowers Journal

Advertise your business today with The Prowers Journal. You select your best advertising style and opportunities. From print to the web, we offer many different creative advertising choices to best serve your message, your preferred delivery method and your budget.

In Print we offer:

  1. Color or Black and White ads in each Wednesday’s printed version of The Prowers Journal. The ads are 2″ x 2.75″ and are highly visible on each side of each page.
  2. Black and White ads are available on our Yard Sale insert (seasonal –  from Memorial Day to Labor Day).
  3. We place inserts in our printed publication for a nominal fee. These inserts can be supplied by you or we can copy or print your flyer or insert. Some restrictions may apply.
  4. Circulation and  Reach: We print a minimum of 1400 issues of The Prowers Journal every week and distribute to 50+ locations (see the partial list on our About page) in Lamar, Granada, Wiley, Las Animas and Holly.

On the Web we offer:

  1. Exclusive and non-exclusive page sponsorships are available. This includes top of page banner type ads on our most popular pages such as the Police Reports, Your Town Today, Home RoomYard Sales and others.
  2. Rotating Custom Button Ads offer Maximum Exposure.  On the right hand side of every page or article are rotating square ads that can be set to point to your website, a pdf, Facebook page or whatever web content you prefer.

Just some of the benefits of advertising with The Prowers Journal:

  1. All of our printed editions are converted to PDF files and are archived online so your ads in the printed edition don’t just stop being effective after the delivery of the hard copy. Each copy remains online and available for all to see over and over with a local, national and international audience.
  2. The same goes for our archived Yard Sale inserts. This gives your advertising dollars the best value and increases your return on investment (ROI).
  3. You get a chance to let the public know about your business or service in a format that is both quick and easy to read, and gives you the best exposure of your message on both the printed media and on the internet.
  4. A major percentage of our articles are posted to both Facebook and Twitter which in turn drives traffic back to The Prowers Journal Website, thereby gaining even more exposure to your message or ad.
  5. With the support of the community and our advertisers, we continue to evolve and grow our options, offerings, and abilities to promote the people, events, resources and foremost, the businesses in Prowers County.

Let us promote you and your business. Call us at 719-336-9095 or send an email to: and we will get right back with you to discuss your options.

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