Letter to the Editor—Politician’s Personal Wealth


Much discussion has been received especially through mainstream news reporters/TV attacking Romney for his wealth.  Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Marc Zuckerburg and Bill Gates, also wealthy citizens, created jobs.  Wiley some people criticize capitalism, that’s what built this country.  Why isn’t Obama criticizing their wealth? 

Capitalism gives all the subgroups their entitlements!  They should thank their lucky stars that there are still people here willing to work and not sit on the couch collecting entitlements. 

First of all, about one percent of the U.S. population falls into the millionaire/billionaire club.  However, that one percent contributes about 90% of the federal budget.  Do you realize how many millionaires are in Congress?  Of the 535 senators and representatives, 47% of legislators are millionaires.  The number of Democrats and Republicans is almost equal.  John Kerry (min. net worth 181M, Dianne Feinstein (44M min. net worth), and Nancy Pelosi ($5M) are among the top 20 democratic millionaires*.  With these three powerful democrats in Congress, do you honestly think there is going to be ANY tax reform? 

Be aware of Obama’s own finances; Obama talks pretty words with a pretty smile.  Do you hear Obama telling his worth is over minimum net worthies over 2.8M dollars with an average of 11M?    Do you think HE doesn’t find tax loopholes?   or that Hilary Clinton’s min. net worth is over $10M with an average of 31M?  Rahm Emmanuel (formerly part of Obama’s group) now mayor of Chicago has a min. net worth of $6M, an average of $11M*.  Interesting, isn’t it that Obama and these powerful Congressional democrats just keep criticizing Romney and no one else for his wealth? *Source – OpenSecrets.Org 2010 

Obama does not give a straight answer with infrequently-asked touch questions by mainstream media.  If he draws attention from real issues, he hopes people will ignore the serious economic and foreign problems with the country. 

My minimum net worth surely isn’t close to even poor old Joe Biden’s with his $218K.  However, I built what little finances I have and I do NOT want the government, Obama’s government, to redistribute my “wealth.”  That’s for me to decide.  Let Obama redistribute his wealth first.  Don’t let Obama’s words cloud your judgment.  Research the issues and watch Fox News.  Mainstream media will not tell both sides fairly in this election. 

Verna Ruddick
Lamar, Colorado


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