Letter to the Editor – Local Recreation Sports

Letter to the Editor
Local Recreation Sports

People are always asking why teens in Lamar can not seem to stay out of trouble and ask what can we do to help kids within the community keep busy so that they do not have time to cause trouble. It always seems to be that when an opportunity opens for these teens for some reason they seem to be always be a complaint that ends the event or fun that teens have within the community. One of the main examples that I am talking about is recreation sports within the community.

There are many different recreation sports that happen throughout the year that teens can be a part of, one of the main ones being summer softball, both men’s and co-ed teams are formed and games are played on week nights. However, this year this opportunity was taken away from those that are under the age of 18 and still in high school. It has always been that anyone over the age of 16 was allowed to play. No one can ever remember when the age was set at 18 and there have been kids that would have been able to play this year and were very excited and were practicing, but then to come find out that they are not allowed to play, and all for petty reasons. This community needs to take a look at what they are doing to these teens and why they are getting into trouble, every chance that they get to have a little fun it is taken away from them.

Recreation softball has always been a fun event for not only individuals, but for families as well and now with the age limits and strict rules it makes people not even want to play. In a few years you are going to not have any teams that are going to want to play because it is not fun anymore. The community really needs to take a step back and realize what this does to people as well as the community. Each team pays a lot of money to the rec department in order to have a team in and a few teams were made of players under the age limit so this is not only making the rec department lose money, but taken away a fun outside activity from our local teens.

Another example is the local skate park, many teens and pre-teens often went there to have fun and when it was taken away they were lost without  it and of course it made them act out within the community. As we look around our community we can see many reasons why are teens are causing trouble, first the skate park is gone, now the age limit on softball, what is next to make this town no fun for teens. Taking a look at other communities around the area such as LaJunta you notice that their community is growing because of the fact that they keep teen activities and fight for teen activities to keep their teens busy instead of putting in small petty rules to keep them out of any type of involvement.

In closing with this letter I just want community members to realize that maybe some of us are the reasons why our teens are always bored and getting into trouble because opportunities are given to them and then taken away and their way of acting out if causing trouble, if we can avoid these small issues and allow for our teens to be involved in these recreational sports maybe we can keep the crime rate down and allow for some fun within our community.

Shawn Austin
8279 County Road PP
Lamar, Co 81052

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