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Last week, the oversight of Juniper Village changed hands. Juniper Communities passed the baton to Dakavia.

Juniper has been part of the Lamar community for more than 20 years. In that time, we have seen many changes not only in our local environment but in the needs of the people we serve. Our mission, to nurture the spirit of life, has always driven us to do our best to know the people we serve so that they may live a full life, one that is as we say, “alive in all seasons”. But to deliver on this promise we are always beholden to the people who each day, come to work at our communities, driven to do their best. We also know it takes a real village—the whole community of families, local officials, vendors and others who directly and indirectly support our effort.

I trust the residents, staff and families will all be in good hands moving forward and that the community will soon come to know the wonderful people from Dakavia who will be working with the local teams.

To all of you who have been part of our Village over the last two decades, we are deeply grateful for your support, your interest and your unabiding caring for the community.

Until we meet again,

Lynne Katzmann
Founder and President
Juniper Communities

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