Holly Trustees Approve Sale of Town Equipment

Holly Depot

Holly Depot


The Holly Board of Trustees gave unanimous approval to a resolution to sell about a dozen pieces of used town equipment.  The specific manner of the sale will be selected later, but interim Town Administrator, Jerry L’Estrange, said he’d develop a few options for putting the items on the market.  A random sampling includes two Ford bucket trucks and a Ford backhoe, a John Deere 2240 tractor and a finish mower, plus a digger truck, rotary mower and some obsolete brass fittings.  There was no value placed on the items.  L’Estrange said the resolution and inventory will provide the town with a clean audit trail on the sales.

Holly Librarian, Elaine Anderson and library board members, Cheryl Roup and Viola Melcher, told board members the library will attempt to reach a younger set of readers.  “We’d like to see more men use the library as well,” said Anderson.  Some future plans include offering wi fi access and a marketing campaign will use area information flyers and signage at some traffic flow points in Holly.  Anderson explained the library will need some funds to correct a unique computer problem.  “The computer was purchased in 2000 and has recently crashed.  Apparently it was never turned off in all that time, so there was never a need to use the password to bring it back up.  No one knows what it was,” she said.  The board members said it would cost about $175 for the software company to provide a solution, which the board will consider.  The computer contains basic library information such as inventory, membership and levied fines.

Administrator L’Estrange sought suggestions for a town-wide, clean-up day.  The last attempt was called off about two years ago because of a lack of volunteers to handle trash and debris.  “We might ask town employees to work a Saturday in exchange for a Monday off,” he told the Trustees.  Another concern was the means of gathering the refuse and what types would be accepted to go to the landfill.  On a similar note, L’Estrange felt the Trustees should develop some fee rate for dumping sewage into the town lagoon. “We’re covered for what EPA considerations are set for the lagoon, but there are commercial carriers that are not paying for the service.  If our residents get billed for sewer rates, we should have some comparable fee for a commercial operation, around $5 or $10,” he estimated.  The board will consider that proposal and the best means of conducting the clean-up day.

An application for an Animal/Fowl permit was tabled by the board.  One earlier application by Melissa Pecina was withdrawn and the most recent application from Danny and Laura Venegas of West Colorado Street was tabled pending additional information for the Trustees.  Last month, Administrator L’Estrange noted that Holly’s animal ordinances needed updating.  The ordinances from one Colorado community were too broad-based to serve as a guide, given its larger private property dimensions, compared to Holly.

Several Trustees expressed the need for more accountability to the town from the Prowers County Sheriff’s Office.  An annual service and patrol contract was recently renewed with the Sheriff’s Office, but Trustees Lyons and Campbell felt that a more specific accounting for the patrol hours were needed each month.  The report showed 159 Deputy hours had been totaled among six officers, plus specific response instances through February.  Lyons said he wanted more specifics, such as a start and stop time for each day of the month of patrols, adding, “I’m not counting the events when they were called out for a response.  I don’t believe that should be a part of the total.”  Trustee Marty Campbell felt the contract needed a review, or the Trustees might consider ending it.  Mayor Simon voiced some caution, “We’ve looked at our options if we decided not to use the Sheriff’s Office for patrols, and we know we’re looking at an increase in costs.”  Simon said Sheriff Zordel has been in office for only a couple of months, and it would be a better idea to explain the Trustees needs and have a discussion on how the patrol schedules would be reported in the future.

By Russ Baldwin


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