Life-Savers Recognized by Council

Life Saving 2

Mother and Child, Chiefs Burkhart and Miller

Several months ago, the most frightening event young parents can experience happened to a young mother, her infant child stopped breathing. When immediate efforts to get the child to resume breathing didn’t work, local emergency response teams were called and went into action.

Life Saving Action

Those life-saving efforts were recognized during the Lamar City Council meeting Monday, February 8th as Lamar Police Chief, Kyle Miller, provided a brief description of events of that episode and recognized those first responders and police officers who were on hand within moments from the emergency call.

Situations such as this one involved team coordination and organization. The life-saving efforts were evidenced by the on-going training sessions conducted by those involved.  Chief Miller noted each individual who played a role in saving the young infant’s life.

Chief Miller added, “These are the fun stories to tell. The quick actions of these people saved this baby’s life.  The child was not breathing; not conscious and they performed cpr.  By the time they were transported to the hospital, the infant had a heartrate and was breathing again, doing much better.  These instances are the ones I enjoy, having these people come up here and we get the opportunity to tell them, ‘thank you’.  Thank you, the City appreciates everything you do.”

Police Department: Sergeant Jamison Sherrill and Officers Branden Kemp and Jaime Madrid.  Dispatcher: Ty Witt.  Fire Department: Chief Jeremy Burkhart, Travis Frost, Patrick Arrona, Colton Wineberg (absent from photo), Clara Boydstron and Daylon Spitz.

By Russ Baldwin


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