Sediment in Water Shuts off Holly Well

Holly Depot

Holly Depot

The south well used by the Town of Holly has been shut down due to sediment found in the water. The east well is supplying the town’s needs at this time, with the north well water supply as a backup. Jerry L’Estrange, Holly Town Administrator, told the Trustees, there’s no bacterial content in the south well, but efforts to remove the sediment build-up haven’t been successful. Several attempts to shut down the well and flush it clear brought back sediment after the initial clear water in the pipe had been expelled. “We may have a clogging issue,” explained L’Estrange, adding that voltage tests on the well showed a surge which indicated that the pump, at times, is working harder than usual. The general thought is that there’s some sort of obstruction, perhaps shale, that’s blocking the flow and bringing up sediment. “We have a lot of options to explore, but there won’t be an easy fix,” he added, stating that the 270 foot well will probably be pulled, which will be costly. L’Estrange added that the issue hasn’t caused any problems with the town’s overall water supply.

The town is getting closer to opening up the new landfill cell, pending approval of a recent survey report submitted to the state. L’Estrange said it would be a couple of weeks before that occurs. In the meantime, current refuse is being laid on top of the old, closed cell and once the new cell is ready, that debris will just be bulldozed into the new pit.

Monday, October 26th has been selected as a follow-up meeting date between Holly and Granada to discuss the REDI Economic Development Project. The meeting will be an open come-and-go event from 4pm to 9pm at the Granada Complex and a meal will be served. The Town Administrator said the focus will be on a best means scenario of creating primary jobs in both communities and the meeting will be open to any feasible ideas to achieve that end. DoLA, Department of Local Affairs representative, Lee Merkel will attend as well as representatives from both towns, the county and interested parties. The economic study is funded by a DoLA grant.

Holly is hosting the monthly Arkansas River Power Authority meeting on Thursday, October 29th. L’Estrange said ARPA will hold a lighting event for the three buildings where LED lights were installed as part of a community service project ARPA conducted for all member municipalities. Those include the Holly Senior Center, the Municipal Community Center and the Holly Library at the Depot. The Trustees approved Mayor Brad Simon as the town’s representative on the ARPA board through 2019.

Three board appointments were approved for the Holly Housing Authority: Kurtis Klinghammer was reappointed to 2020, Karen Hermosello for a five year term and Becky Rodriguez will replace Jose Molina for his term concluding in 2018. The 2016 budget quotes from Colorado Intergovernmental Risk Sharing Agency (CIRSA) were approved at $29,181 for Property Casualty, up from last year’s $24,061 and Workers Compensation of $8,875 down from last year’s quote of $9,701.

The Trustees went into an executive session to discuss among other items, the annual Prowers County Sheriff’s contract and a request by residents to purchase land owned by the town located east of Holly.

By Russ Baldwin

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