Granada Safe Route to Schools Project Could Begin in September

George Gotto Speaks with Granada Trustees

George Gotto Speaks with Granada Trustees

Granada Police Chief, David Dougherty, stated that the Safe Routes to School project will be rebid after three weeks of advertising for the project.  The pre-bid meeting is July 23 with CDOT officials and any area contractors interested in the project.  It has been revamped in light of the lack of any close estimated bids for the project earlier this spring.  Last month, the only bid received was $177,000 over the anticipated cost.  Bids should be returned to the City of Granada by July 30 and they will be opened on that morning.  If the bids are within the budget limits, Dougherty said the project can begin by September.

The city is planning for the annual National Night Out with a block party at the park starting at 6:30pm on Tuesday, August 4.  Volunteers would be appreciated to help host the event.  Dougherty asked the Trustees to consider creating an ordinance that will regulate security measures for Pitbull dogs.  Three animals died in the past month in which two were strangled when they became tangled in their chains and a third died when it was struck by a car.  “I have received some calls of Pitbulls chasing after walkers and joggers in the town, and this has to be curtailed,” he explained.  He suggested a kennel that can be locked and topped with chain link or a material that can still contain the dog if it manages to escape over the sides of the kennel.  The Trustees gave their approval to contact Tracy Weisenhorn on her request to become a reserve officer for the community.  Chief Dougherty said she will undergo the standard background check before her hire.

The new billing system in Granada, used primarily for utility payments, is still a work in progress at this point.  During the Trustees monthly meeting on Wednesday, July 8, one customer discussed an accounting of their payments over the past several months which left them with a credit on their account which they believed was not accurate.  Town Clerk, Jackie Malone, acknowledged there may be some glitches that need to be addressed and she would keep the Trustees advised of future developments.

Interim PCDI Executive Director, George Gotto, paid a brief, introductory visit to the Trustees, stating that he had been selected to hold that position until a permanent director had been hired.  He said Prowers County Development Incorporated would be happy to meet with the Trustees or any individual in the future to exchange ideas for economic development for the town or the county as a whole.  “I’m going to try to make all the council meetings in the county and off our services.  We see there’s opportunity in all parts of the county and I want to make sure all the councils understand what our role is and help try to find and develop primary jobs for each community, he stated.”

CIRSA, the statewide municipal insurance carrier, sent an adjuster to view hail damage to the roof of a building and a broken window in the town’s backhoe.  The community financial audit will begin on July 15 and one of the town’s two water tanks will be repaired in the near future.  The one in question is the tower tank which has received some roof damage as well.  Discussion on the town’s water study project will begin on July 23.  Funding has been made available from the Department of Local Affairs through a grant REDI project.  Town Maintenance Supervisor, John McMillan, said a listing of the town’s water shutoffs is a consideration and he has done a preliminary count of the ones in the town for the proposed study.

By Russ Baldwin

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