Granada Deals with Budget and Equipment Needs

Granada Water Tower

Granada Water Tower


Rick Reed from 4 Rivers Equipment in Lamar outlined costs associated with with a John Deere replacement backhoe for the Town of Granada this past Wednesday, February 11.  Granada Trustees agree a backhoe is needed at the town landfill, but are comparing models to prices as far as the town budget will allow.  One new model under review comes with a three yard bucket and is priced at $150,900.  Mayor pro-tem, Glenn Otto said a decision wasn’t going to be made right away, but, “This gives us a start for a discussion regard to budgeting.”  The town has two models, the 1999 model is being used at the dump and is in decent shape, but according to John McMillan, Public Maintenance Director, the 2004 model is in really bad shape and has had computer problems which limit its use.  He estimated it will cost $2,000 for a replacement and from $15,000 to $25,000 for a complete repair job.

Granada resident, Carlos Huerta asked for clarification on who would contact him from the town when it came time to read his utility meter.  Huerta said he is not always in town when the meters are read and has been asked to keep his dogs from roaming his backyard when it’s time for the meters to be read.   McMillan said he would time his visits for the first part of the last week of the month, so Huerta wouldn’t have to keep his dogs locked away longer than needed.

Granada Police Chief, David Dougherty, discussed a work schedule for Elsie Martin whose hours had been reduced at the department on budget constraints.  The Trustees decided that 30 hours per month would be a beginning basis with half devoted to monthly utility billing and the remainder for paperwork involving tickets, notices and citations from the police department.  The department is also making arrangements to retrieve unpaid fines and citations dating back to 1999 and totaling $4,173.15 owed to the community.  The Granada VALE board, Victims Assistance Legal Enforcement, is entitled to 37% of the collections.  Dougherty said, “The State has the right to suspend a violator’s driver’s license once they’ve been informed that a fine has not been paid.”  He added that the notice follows the individual until the account has been settled even if they have moved to another state.

Dougherty said he’s met with CDOT representative, Troy Branom on the town’s project to construct safer roads for students walking to school.  “I expect bids to be opened for the project by the middle of April.”    The Trustees approved the chief’s request to spend $349 from his budget for a replacement printer.

Complex rentals were approved for Vincent Hartshorn for February 20-21, the REDI Economic Meeting for March 3 and the town’s health fair for March 6.
By Russ Baldwin

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