Changing of the Guard at the County Sheriff’s Office

Jim Faull with Sam Zordel

Jim Faull with Sam Zordel

Jim Faull will become a regular private citizen following the Tuesday, January 13, swearing-in ceremonies at the Prowers County Courthouse.  An appreciation gathering was held for Faull Monday afternoon at the sheriff’s department meeting room as he shared some memories with  friends and colleagues.  “I was sworn in to this job on January 13, 1999, sixteen years ago,” he remarked to the room full of well-wishers, including Sam Zordel who now begins his career as the Prowers County Sheriff.  “I hope you have at least twenty years to look back on,” stated Faull to his replacement as he was presented by Zordel with a commemorative plaque marking his years of service to the community.

Faull Speaks with Chris Johnson, Former Otero County Sheriff at Center of Photo

Faull Speaks with Chris Johnson, Former Otero County Sheriff at Center of Photo

Well-wishers included members of the sheriff’s staff and posse, representatives from the Colorado State Patrol, the Lamar City Council, Fire and Ambulance Department, County Commissioner Henry Schnabel and former Otero County Sheriff Chris Johnson who also stepped down from office this past June to become Executive Director of the County Sheriffs of Colorado.

Zordel read from the plaque he was presenting to Faull, stating, “With great honor and recognition for the loyal and dedicated service to the people of Prowers County, we your friends and second family present this to you as a symbol of lifelong friendship, from all the employees of the Sheriff’s Office and the Posse.”

“I am going to miss all my colleagues, all the people I’ve worked with over the years in all the various departments,” he said adding, “This was an experience I’ll never forget.”  Faull stated that he enjoyed the job, but over the years, having to put up with the legislature and all the assorted dictates and rulings made it less than enjoyable. “I never thought that when I started in law back in 1976, it would come to the point that we would have to give someone we were releasing from jail, the marijuana they had when we arrested them,” he observed.  Faull remarked to the gathering and Zordel, that it was time to bring in some new blood and new ideas.  He also noted the change in law enforcement technology over the years since the start of his career, adding, “I know that Sam will be the person to take this office into the future for at least the next twenty years.  This award and these people mean a lot to me.”

By Russ Baldwin

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