Council Okays New Airport Lights, City Street Sweeper


Trailer House on South 11th Street

Trailer House on South 11th Street

Two public hearings were scheduled by the council.  A temporary modification of premise application for two events at the Buzzard’s Roost was set for a public hearing on March 24.  Jay Gruber, owner of the Buzzard’s Roost on North Main Street, hosts two annual music events, the County Jam on June 14-15 and the Road Jam on September 13-14.  The Lamar Chamber of Commerce requested a special events permit to host their annual Wine Tasting event at the Shore Arts Center on March 21 from 6pm to 9pm.  The council set a public hearing date for March 10. 

City Public Works Director, Pat Mason, briefed the council on performance issues with the city’s 2008 Elgin Pelican street sweeper.  Mason said the buildup of asphalt on our streets and the machine’s inability to adjust the conveyer has led to costly repairs and inefficiency in sweeping the streets.  A demonstration of a different model, an Elgin Broom Badger, showed a marked improvement in sweeping debris from city streets.  The town of Swink is interested in the current sweeper and offered $50,000 to the City of Lamar.  The council approved that sale and will use the proceeds to purchase a new model for an additional $135,800.  

The city obtained a court order allowing it to clean the premises at 1203 ½ South 11th Street in Lamar.  Code Enforcement officers notified Roberto Becerrill, City Planning Director, of numerous citations for junk, weeds, debris and as a general nuisance for the trailer home which was determined to be derelict.  The property has no utility connections; there are holes in walls, broken windows and trash strewn throughout the residence to the point that it is unfit for human occupancy.  The injunction allows the manufactured home to be removed from the site.  Any usable materials will be sold for scrap and the proceeds will be paid to the City Clerk’s office to be credited against the cost of cleanup.  Public Works Director, Pat Mason, said the trailer will be checked for asbestos before any plans for demolition take place.

The council approved a grant agreement with CDOT for $147,382 to buy replacement PAPI or Precision Approach Path Indicator lights at the Lamar Municipal Airport.  Pat Mason explained the city will need a 10% match, or $14,739 against the project cost estimated at $162,630.  The PAPI lights let an approaching aircraft know if it’s too high or too low in its glide path to the runway.  Mason explained the lighting system is beginning to malfunction due to age.  They are used on the airport’s crosswind runway, were purchased from the Pueblo airport and are a different make and model from the main runway which increases upkeep costs. 

The council approved a resolution to affiliate with the Colorado Fire and Police Pension Association on behalf of the Lamar and Prowers County Volunteer Fire Fighters.  Lamar Fire Chief Marshall Cook explained that Lamar and Prowers County have contributed to the FPPA on behalf of the members of the former Lamar/Prowers County Volunteer Fire department since 1996.  Pension plan payments are matched by the state Department of Local Affairs, but only for municipal departments, fire districts and county improvement districts and the Prowers County Fire Department does not qualify and is not eligible for the DOLA funds.  Cook explained this could be corrected with the council’s resolution to coordinate the county with the City of Lamar Volunteer Fire Department. 

The council approved the hiring of the law firm Robinson, Waters and O’Dorisio to represent the city for specialized legal experience on highly complex matters.  The firm is headquartered in Denver and its website lists expertise in securities, franchising, venture capital, creditor’s rights as well as real estate, banking, corporate law and commercial litigation.

The council ratified a phone poll vote to transfer $50,000 from the General Fund to the Self Insurance Fund to cover medical bill expenses.  Building Material Supply was awarded a bid for fertilizer for the city for spring and fall.  Two bids were submitted and BMS came in as the low bidder at $10,828.  

City administrator, John Sutherland, reminded the council of the Lamar Partnership Inc. annual meeting on Wednesday, February 26 at Noon at the Chamber office, the monthly council breakfast will be held at the LCC Cafeteria on Wednesday, March 5 from 7am to 8am, the annual PCDI Banquet/Meeting will be held Wednesday, March 5 at the LCC Wellness Center and Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday, March 9.

By Russ Baldwin

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