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City Council Acts on New Contracts for 2016

  The council approved a motion to ratify an earlier phone poll to authorize the acceptance of a JAG grant of $236,952 to purchase communication radios to be used by various law enforcement agencies within the 15th Judicial District.  Lamar’s share of the grant match is $9,081.51.  Lamar Police Chief, Kyle Miller told the council […]

Slow November for Tax Collections

Lamar City Sales Tax and Total Sales and Use Tax Collections were off for November 2015 with City Sales Tax at -8.72% for a drop of $22,304 compared to last year. Total Sales and Use Tax Collections were also off at -6.89% for a drop of $18,595 for that same period. Total Collections for November […]

The Lamar City Council Gets in the Game, Helps Fund PUMA Study

  While the city council did not allocate $50,000 in funding to Prowers County Development Incorporated for 2016, a request was made to the city late last year by Ron Cook, Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners, to help fund a county-wide economic study priced at $50,000. PCDI pledged $25,000 to develop strategies and the […]

Water Lamar Fee Schedule for 2016

Customers of the City of Lamar will soon be paying higher water use fees, as the council approved a new schedule to help offset increased loan costs to pay off past infrastructure improvements and help accrue additional finances for future improvements. The council has deliberated at length this year, including holding several work sessions, to […]

Council Reviews Final Water Rate Increases

Water rates will increase early this year for City of Lamar customers as the council is expected to approve the resolution at the next city council meeting on January 11th.  The council held a multi-purpose work session on the 4th to provide a final review of the rate increases for residential and commercial customers.  The […]

Council Wraps Up 2015, Discusses Funding for Economic Development Study

    The City of Lamar is receiving funding to improve the deficiency rating for the short bridge crossing the Lamar Canal and linking the city’s industrial park to Commercial Street. The State Special Highway Committee recommended the funding for $392,480.  City Administrator, John Sutherland, told the council the bridge has a 20 rating which […]

GoCO Inspire Grant Will be an Involved Process

  Next year, Lamar could receive a GoCO grant in the neighborhood of $5M, earmarked mostly for outdoor activity projects for local youth. Lamar has already qualified for the Inspire Initiative planning grant of $100,000 needed to formulate a comprehensive application to the state by next August.  The implementation plan will include places, programs and […]

Dealing with Panhandlers, City Council Discusses Options

Lamar City Council members acknowledged that while there are some protections under the First Amendment for free speech or assembly which covers panhandling, Lamar residents are also offered some legal protections from panhandlers under local ordinances.  Some ideas for regulating or curtailing their activities were discussed during a December 7th work session, but no action […]

New Water Rates Discussed by Lamar Council

The City of Lamar has not raised municipal water rates since 2009, but is considering an increase in light of the funds that have been spent over the past several years upgrading the city’s water delivery infrastructure.  This includes work done on water, wastewater and storm-water facilities.  The price tag for debt on the projects […]

PCDI Board Discusses 2016 Funding, Objectives

  PCDI Interim Executive Director George Gotto, who will step down from the position this month, thanked the board for their cooperation and assistance during his tenure when he stepped in several months after the resignation of Lance Benninghoff, the former PCDI director. In his final report to the board, Gotto said he and County […]

City Sales Tax Revenues on Continued Increase

  The Lamar City Sales Tax revenue collected this past September shows a 5.85% gain, or $15,314 compared to this time last year. Total Sales and Use Tax collections were up 3.98% for the same period for a gain of $11,218.  Year to date collections show City Sales Tax revenue up 7.94% for a gain […]

New Council Sworn In, City Approves Water Project Loan Application

Two Lamar City Council meetings were held Monday, November 9 and were a part of a municipal housekeeping process following a general election. The first meeting, held with current city council members approved the consent agenda.  The second meeting, at about 5 minutes later, began with swearing in ceremonies for any new council members, a […]

PCDI Board of Directors Respond to Lamar’s Decision to Pull Funding

(LAMAR, COLORADO) – Brilliant innovator and business man Henry Ford had a vision for success.  He said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”  Since its inception, Prowers County Development, Incorporated (PCDI) has been honored to have the support from and work with the Prowers County and City of […]

City Council Okays New LUB Board Member, Olive Street Station Liquor License Transfer

The Olive Street Station transfer of ownership and retail liquor store license from Ken Roe to Donald Compton and T.J. Sanders was approved following a brief public hearing. The business at 403 East Olive Street was recently purchased and both Sanders and Compton told the council there are no plans for any changes to the […]

What a Difference a Road Makes

After being planned since 1997, Camino de Santa Fe opened to traffic on May 22, 2015. The City of Lamar had taken the initiative to finish the road that connects East Parmenter to East Olive Street and as a consequence, open more through traffic to the Dollar General Store and provide another traffic outlet to Walmart.  City […]

Lamar City Council Sets 2016 Budget

The Lamar City Council was joined by the Lamar Utility Board of Directors for the public hearing held regarding approval for the 2016 budget. Revenues for the City are projected for next year at $7,890,328, which is an increase of $233,035 compared to the 2015 budget. The Sales Tax Revenue of $1,357,206 is steady against […]

Nuisance Yard Sale Ordinance Discussed

  Some local residents might have one yard sale a year while their neighbors might conduct one every other week. The Lamar City Council dealt with nuisance or perpetual yard sales during a discussion of city fees and fines proposed for 2016. There was ample discussion during the September 28 work session on the pros […]

Lamar’s Semi Parking Prohibition Coming Closer

  Owners of semi trucks who park their vehicles on city streets for a lengthy time have had a grace period of several months to make arrangements to park their vehicles elsewhere besides city streets before the Lamar Police Department starts to issue tickets. This past spring, Police Chief Kyle Miller read a revised ordinance […]

Lamar City Sales Tax Report: July 2015 – Drop for Motel/Hotel Revenue

  Total Sales and Use Tax Collections for the City of Lamar showed positive gains for July 2015, as reported in the August summary with a 5.05% increase for the month and a 7.02% increase for year to date. July collections showed a gain of $13,874 comparing 2015 to 2014 for a total of $287,501 […]

New LCC Dorm One Year Out

  By this time next year, the first of three proposed dorm pods will be open to students at Lamar Community College. LCC President, John Marrin, told the Prowers County Commissioners the college is about $300,000 shy from the target price of $1,250,000 needed for construction. Marrin added, “We’re working with the city and the […]