Fire Department Incident Reports August 19, 2013

Lamar Fire Trucks (2)

Saturday, August 10

At 7:28 am on August 10, fire personnel were dispatched to a fire alarm located at 806 West Oak in Lamar.  Upon arrival, the occupant was found outside of the residence.  She advised that she was cooking breakfast when it burned by accident, activating the smoke detector.  The alarm would not reset.  The on-call manager for SDS was contacted and he stated that he would contact the alarm company to have the problem corrected.

Sunday, August 11

At 5:08 pm on August 11, fire personnel were dispatched to 411 North 3rd in Lamar on report of a home filling with smoke.  Upon arrival at the location, no smoke or signs of a fire were showing and the occupant met fire crew at the door.  After entering the residence through the front door, smoke was visible.  The crew used the thermal imager which showed that the coffee pot was extremely hot.  After unplugging the pot and placing it in the sink, they found that the counter had started to smoke.  It appeared that the coffee pot had an electrical short.  The pot was cooled in the sink, a soaked towel was used to cool the counter, and a ventilation fan was set up to clear the smoke from the home.  The occupant was advised not to use the coffee pot again.

Tuesday, August 13

At 7:10 am on August 13, fire personnel were dispatched to a flammable gas or liquid spill at 1406 South Main in Lamar.  Personnel responded to Tank and Tummy for a diesel spill of approximately 5-6 gallons.  The store employee stated that a customer had begun fueling and walked into the store to buy other items. Upon returning to the pump, the customer found it had not shut off and was spilling diesel onto the ground.  Some oil dry was put on the spill.

At 9:00 am on August 13, fire personnel were dispatched to a reported gas leak at 207 East Maple in Lamar.  Upon arrival, fire personnel found that the owner of the open lot had been mowing weeds and hit an unmarked gas line.  The owner stated he called Atmos but was worried because their response time was so long.  He then called 911.  The broken gas line was plugged off by Atmos.

Thursday, August 15

At 11:34 pm on August 15, fire personnel were dispatched to a gasoline or other flammable liquid spill at 301 East Olive in Lamar.  Fire crew responded to a report of a gas spill of approximately 15 gallons but upon arrival at the scene they found what appeared to be a spill of 5 gallons or less.  Crew laid out oil dry and swept to absorb the gas.

Sunday, August 18

At 6:24 pm on August 18, fire personnel were dispatched to 322 South Main Street in Lamar on report of an alarm sounding.  Upon arrival at the Alamo, occupants were stating that it was a false alarm.  The alarm panel showed “alarm entry level.”  The entire complex was searched but no fire was found.

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