Granada Trustees Cover Levees, Safe Sidewalks Project and Street Survey


Welcome Sign for Granada

Welcome Sign for Granada

The Granada Town Trustees were informed that repairs to the town’s dike system for certification may be on hold for a while.  Trustee Jerene DeBono said she was informed by Thuy Patton, Flood Mapping Coordinator for the Colorado Water Conservancy Board, that some communities are having difficulty finding funding for the needed upgrades.  “They’re developing a ‘seclusion’ project that may take from two to three years to accomplish,” DeBono explained.  At the same time, the project engineers have decided that all estimates for repairs concerning dike height need to be rounded up.  Another point of concern is the two pipes that have been built into a portion of the dike system.  One was installed by the Corps of Engineers and the other, larger one, by the town.  “We aren’t allowed to have any openings in the dike,” DeBono said, adding she will be in touch with the Corps of Engineers for an explanation of what needs to be done on their removal.  John McMillan, Director of Public Works, said the pipes just feed into the east fork drainage ditch. 

Another construction project was discussed by the Trustees and Granada Police Chief, David Dougherty.  CDOT is funding a safe sidewalks project for the community.  $250,000 has been granted to upgrade sidewalks and curbs for walk routes leading to the local school, mostly along Hoisington Street. Doughtery said, “We’ve hired Cody Cline as the design engineer and an engineer needs to be hired to conduct a project survey.”  Doughterty believed that if everything falls into place, construction could start by late July or early August.  Trustee Tom Grasmick focused on the payment process for the construction.  Grasmick expressed concern that the project calls for the town to pay construction bills and be reimbursed at a later date by CDOT after they submit the invoices to the department.  “I don’t think we have funding to take care of a $78,000 bill when one comes in,” he said.  Dougherty said it would only take about 45 days for a turnaround on the process.  The chief said there will not be a cost overrun on the $250,000 grant.  “The engineer will figure out just how much the project will cost, and if it’s over, then we can scale it back to fit the size of the grant we’re getting,” he explained. 

Building permits and nuisance ordinances were discussed with regard to street layouts in Granada.  The discussion dealt with a property owner who is erecting a small, five post, wired fence in his yard to keep traffic from using the edge of his yard while crossing from Inge Street to the next one over.  The homeowner was concerned about a past incident when a vehicle came close to his child while playing in that section of the yard.  Apparently several streets are not surveyed and there have been cases where property lines are blurred.   The Trustees said they plan to contact the town attorney and meet with Lamar Engineer, Wiley Work, to set up an Intergovernmental Agreement which would allow him to conduct a proper survey.  On another road matter, the county will begin to chip seal some streets by the end of the month.  Some haven’t been done for over two years and the Trustees will prioritize which ones are done first. 

John McMillan, Public Works Director, said he’s almost done fixing the plumbing in the public bathrooms at the park.  This past winter, vandals turned on the water, and damaged some of the toilet stools, flushers  and piping.  “I’ve installed a bottom drain which I’ll open in the fall and let all that water out so we won’t have this problem anymore,” he told the Trustees.  The water will also be shut off in the winter.  The cost for repairs was about $600 and Jackie Malone, Town Clerk, will see if the town’s insurance will cover the vandalism.  Trustee Deb Choat suggested that the town purchase a couple of deer cameras and install them to monitor activities at the park.  Apparently a motorist, driving a black car, did a donut or two on the grounds and struck a cable.  Chief Dougherty said he’s been checking vehicles that fit the basic description, but has had no luck so far.   

Chela Marquez explained that she plans to open the closed Stop 2 Shop store in the next several days and will be operating the business full-time.  “I’m excited about being able to open, but I’m still waiting on the final word from the county health inspector.  Several things we’re making have to pass inspection, so we may not be open this weekend, but I hope he’ll get back to me quickly,” she said.  Maquez said store hours will be from 7am to 7pm, seven days a week, and plans to extend the hours later this summer after a Grand Opening. 

In other matters, the Trustees approved the purchase of a bullet proof vest for Officer MaryAnn Lingle who was sworn in as Granada’s second policeman this past April.  Chief Dougherty said she has completed her training and needs to pass a final exam and will be ready to assume her patrol duties on a solo basis later this month.  The Trustees felt there was no need for any specific water restrictions in the community, but will send out notices asking residents not to water their lawns between 10am and 4pm.  Mike Martin of Life Seed Church in Lamar, requested use of the park for July 20 and 21.  A Great Give-away of clothes, furniture and other items will take place on Saturday and a Sunday service will be held the following day.  The Trustees approved $150 each for the boy’s and girl’s Recreation Department baseball teams and discussed solutions for manning the concession stand through the season.  The Complex was approved for rentals on July 27 and September 15.  McMillan noted that he’s changing out electric meters through the community which will mean some customers will see a change in their readings and their bill, but they will now be accurate.  Bristol/Granada Days will be held this weekend, with the parade starting Saturday at 10am.

By Russ Baldwin

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