Thieves Targeting ATVs in Southeast Colorado


There have been several ATVs stolen from Otero County residents over the last several weeks.  Otero County Sheriff Chris Johnson posted some preventative measures which will help keep ATVs in the possession of their owners. 

Keep ownership documents in a safe place not on the ATV.
Register your ATV at the time of purchase.
Record the serial number and file it with ownership documents.
Use a metal-etching tool to mark personal information, such as name and address in an obscure spot on the ATV.
Never leave the key in the ignition.
Use a theft prevention device such as a wheel lock, chain or alarm.
Whenever possible, park your ATV inside.
Take photographs of your ATV to aid police in locating in should it be stolen. 

Call local law enforcement as soon as you notice that your ATV is missing, and report any suspicious actions to your local law enforcement agency. 

Posted by Otero Sheriff Chris Johnson on Sheriff’s Office Blog.

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