Sheriff’s Office Advisory on Car Jacking Scheme

This scenario could occur anytime, but with holiday shopping approaching, it’s a good reminder for every citizen’s safety at any time of the year. 

Carjackers are attempting to trick a driver out of their car when they leave a parking lot.  Once your car has started and you’re ready to back out of a parking space, you may notice a slip of paper attached to your rear window, partially blocking your view.  Most motorists would leave the car running and go to the back of the car to remove the paper.  The carjacker has been waiting for this to take place.  They’ve been close enough to you to get into the driver’s seat and just take off, leaving the owner standing in the parking lot. 

You’ve lost your car, perhaps your cell phone and if you’re a woman, most likely the purse you’ve left in the car containing identification, driver’s license with home address, house or apartment keys and your money.   

If you see a piece of paper stuck to your vehicle’s rear window, just drive away and remove it later if it’s not a safety issue.  The holidays are a busy time when shoppers are rushed and not always paying attention, whether it’s in a store, mall, restaurant or other place where many people congregate. 

One other scheme not mentioned in this carjacking announcement but bears repeating, involves pickpockets.  It usually happens in a crowded area such as a mall, where a person on a pickpocket team will yell out in a crowd, “Someone has stolen my wallet!”  As a reflex action, most men will automatically reach for their own wallet to check it’s safety.  You’ve just tipped off a watchful pickpocket to where your carry your billfold. 

Stay on guard.  Be aware of your surroundings.  Help guarantee a safe and happy holiday.


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