New Logo Displayed for Downtown Lamar, City Says Nix on Chicks

A portion of Lamar’s Main Street will develop a different look this fall.  One that may lay the groundwork for a distinct style of decoration that helps brand the Lamar community with a recognizable niche. 

Lamar’s Main Street Director, Shawna Hodge, outlined for the Lamar City Council, a plan developed by Lamar Partnership, Inc. to use a brand and logo for the city’s downtown area to heighten awareness of the area for future economic development.    Part of that plan includes painting 28 street light poles, park benches and garbage cans between the railroad depot and Oak Street along Main Street, a distinctive and deep red.  Banners displaying the new logo would also be attached to the light poles.  The council approved the plan during their September 10 work session.  Pat Mason, Public Works Director, said it would take several weeks, working a block at a time, but the project should be completed before the winter.  The painting project was part of a display presented by Hodge that showcased the logo which will represent Lamar in several marketing areas.  Hodge said Slater Paul Architects have been working on plans for new facades for several Main Street businesses.  Two already, Coronica’s and the Alamo have already been refurbished by the owners.  She also thanked Alex Thurner from C.F. Maier Composites for the work his company has already contributed to the project.   

Hodge said the logo and branding ideas incorporate key elements of life in southeastern Colorado.  “We have wind, the openness of the high plains and its people, as well as our unique location at the crossroads of the country,” she explained.  Hodge added that the historic nature of the Santa Fe Trail, the intersection of highways 287 and 50 and the railroad all contribute to the idea of a community in motion.  She explained that the Partnership committee would like to develop their own website pages and make more use of Facebook as an information conduit about community offerings.  “We’d like to be able to use the city’s webpage and incorporate the new logo as a link to current information,” she said. 

Another aspect of the downtown improvement project will be twofold, Hodge said.  Property owners of empty buildings will be contacted for permission to use their windows as a display for historical oriented photos of the community.  Hodge said research and printing of the large scale photos will take a while and funding will be needed for their production.  On a related note, city councilman, Oscar Riley, mentioned that due to the heat and dry spell this summer, some of the downtown trees could die out this winter if they don’t receive sufficient watering. 

Code Enforcement Officer, Ken Davis, spoke to the council in opposition to allowing chickens inside city limits, beyond those three areas which already have an agricultural zoning designation.  City Clerk, Linda Williams, said she was asking on behalf of several citizens who wanted to know if the council would consider a change to the zoning ordinance and pass the request to the Planning and Zoning Commission.  It didn’t get that far.  The council decided not to take action on the matter.  Davis said his department has enough of a daily problem maintaining order in the city with loose and roaming dogs.  “Only 20% of pet owners show any responsibility to their pet,” he explained.  “If 80% are letting dogs roam free, it won’t get any better with people taking care of chickens.  We’ll have to conduct annual health inspections, the birds will have to be cooped and I don’t think you want to be living next door to a house where chickens are milling around without any confinement or care,” he added.  The council agreed, stating the three areas on the borders of the city limits are sufficient.  No harm, no fowl. 

Council business concluded quickly on the brief agenda.  There are two open positions on the board of directors for Lamar Housing Authority, according to Councilman Oscar Riley.  Interested parties should contact the city.  Riley, on behalf of the Lamar Elks, presented Lamar Police Chief Gary McCrea with a $375 check from bingo proceeds to be used to pay for the cost of Nero, the city’s latest K9 dog, currently in training in Kansas with Sgt Filbeck of the LPD.  The city and county representatives will hold a joint meeting Wednesday, September 12 at 5:30pm to discuss areas of mutual concern.  The meeting will be held in the Function Room at the East Cedar Street Annex.  The council approved discounted fees for Lamar Community College’s rodeo competition.  The fees were reduced for ambulance service and attendants.  Following a public hearing, the council approved subdivision of property along South 14th Street in Lamar into two plats for Westview Park.  The council adjourned into executive session regarding litigation and negotiations on two separate issues.

By Russ Baldwin


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