Water Restrictions Set for Granada, Grasmick Back on Board

Granada residents will be under water restrictions from August 13 to the end of the month while repairs are made to one of the town’s water storage tanks.  Town Crew Manager, John McMillan said support beams under the roof of the tank need replacing and he anticipates that the water will become dirty during repairs.  The Granada Trustees will send out a notice, asking residents to comply with the restriction regulations.  Even numbered houses may water their yards on even-numbered days of the calendar and that will also apply for odd-numbered houses on odd-numbered days.  There should be no watering during the hottest time of the day, from 10am to 4pm. 

Former Trustee Tom Grasmick was sworn in to fill the remainder of the term of Minnie Duarte who passed away last month.  Several persons had informed the board they were interested in the position, and Grasmick was the one selected with Martin Jensen voting against.  (Editor’s Note:  The vote in favor of Mr. Grasmick was unanimous.  This reporter incorrectly interpreted a question regarding the ballot from Mr. Jensen as a a no vote.  I apologize for the error.)

Four persons were selected to serve on the Granada Recreation Board.  Nine persons had indicated their interest and the four selected were:  Marvin Bohlander, John McMillan, Lesli Baca and Andie Marquez Coleman.  One representative from the Trustees will serve as board director.   

Those trees in Granada with the tallest branches and limbs touching power lines need to be trimmed back for safety measures.  The town got an estimate for $32,000 for the project which may be completed in two parts.  The town crew has not been trained to safely handle the heights involved with the tall branches, but will do some trimming on the lower levels where the branches can still contact the power lines.  The branches will be cut back a couple of feet which should be sufficient for at least two to three years growth.  Approval of the project was tabled as a search will be made for lower cost estimates from regional crews.  Granada Crew Manager McMillan will price out a ten foot, solid hot fuse stick for line testing.

 The Granada Police Department is investigating a case of potential arson involving park benches and the water building at the town park.  Persons unknown tried to set fire to the building by burning the top of a park bench which was moved up against the building.  A power line was also damaged from the building.  Trustee DeBono said all the older benches that are not secured to the ground should be stored away.  Some of the new benches have no pads to anchor them to the ground and McMillan said he would see about using trailer anchors to secure them.  Granada resident Maria Silvas said her daughter’s home near the grain elevator has had attempted break-ins.  She told the trustees that a safety light has been broken for some time and wants it replaced to help keep the area secure.  McMillan said he has had trouble finding replacement parts for the light, but should have the matter fixed before the week is out. 

Police Chief Dougherty reported that he is still waiting for the intergovernmental agreement from CDOT to begin the Safe Routes to School project.  Granada is receiving funding to allow curbs and sidewalks to be built for students who walk a specific route to school.  Work should start soon on the Granada Welcome Sign.  There were some scheduling conflicts with the contractor which have been corrected.  The police department purchased the Stalker LIDAR unit and is awaiting its arrival.  The equipment will improve radar capabilities for speeders in town.

By Russ Baldwin


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