Prowers County Courthouse Briefly Evacuated


Fire Department Responds to Courthouse

A burning odor of unknown origin caused the Prowers County Courthouse to be briefly evacuated shortly before 4pm, Friday afternoon, July 20. 

Several employees say they smelled something that was not quite smoke, but had the characteristics of burning plastic or electrical wire, and when it persisted, courthouse officials decided to contact the Lamar Fire Department and evacuate the building. 

The Department responded with three engines and an ambulance while members of the fire department searched the second floor for any signs of fire or combustible activity.  Lamar Fire Chief, Marshall Cook, said the thermal infrared imaging scanner was used, but came up with nothing they could detect.  “There was no smoke we could detect, but there was something in the area near the County Assessor’s office,” he added.  Cook said it could have been a ballast from a light fixture or sometimes outside air vents can bring in odor from something nearby, not necessarily in the building itself. 

Courthouse Employees Return to Work Following All Clear

The all clear was given shortly after 4pm and county employees and visitors went back inside to finish the rest of their Friday and workweek.

By Russ Baldwin


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