Local Police Warn of Credit/Debit Card Scam

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Millions of people every year fall victim to identity theft.  The methods that are used by the thieves vary greatly, but most try to use a person’s fear that they are already a victim, or that a loved one is in trouble in a foreign country, and event that the victim has won a substantial amount of money and only need to pay a “small” processing fee.   

Recently the Lamar Police Department along with multiple financial institutions throughout the area have received multiple reports of customers being contacted by telephone about their credit/debit cards being inactivated or no longer functioning.  The automated call then requests that the person enter personal information including credit card numbers and person identification number (PIN).   This particular type of call is similar to other scams that have plagued trusting and unsuspecting victims throughout the United States.   

The Lamar Police Department would like to take this opportunity to remind people not to provide any identifying information, Social Security number, bank account number, credit/debit card numbers, to anyone unless they person knows who they are releasing it to.   Please ensure that you monitor your bank accounts, your credit reports, and safeguard all personal documents to prevent theft.   

By Colorado Law you can request a free copy of your credit report from the three credit reporting bureau’s which will allow you to monitor for any suspicious activity on your credit history. 





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