Prowers County Sheriff’s Report, May 2012

The Prowers County Sheriff’s report for May 2012 shows a total of 266 calls were received for various incidents and requests. Of the 266, 133 were from Lamar, 92 from the county and 25 from Holly. Lamar had 13 warrant arrests issued, four traffic accidents and related problems and three cases for fraud or theft.

There were 20 traffic accidents reported for the county, three DUI’s, sixteen for animal related problems, three calls regarding thefts and two for domestic violence episodes. Holly had two animal related calls for assistance, one burglary, one case of domestic violence, three for harassment and three civil disputes. Sheriff’s Deputies issued 51 warning tickets, 22 traffic citations and 10 criminal summonses. Nine new cases were assigned in May and 13 were cleared with 13 investigations resulting in charges being filed. There are ten investigations still current in the department.

Year to date, the Sheriff’s Department has booked 584 persons, with 95 males and 24 females for May, 2012, compared to 54 and 23 respectively for 2011. Year to date, 224 persons have been booked for various misdemeanors and 109 for felonies. Twelve inmates were reported to ICE per their residency status. The average number of inmates incarcerated for May was 41.

7,870 persons were screened entering the Prowers County Courthouse for May for a daily average of 358. Courthouse security made three arrests on individuals who had warrants for their arrests at the courthouse and security also provided assistance for an elderly man who was injured after falling on the stairs leading to the upper floors. In May, Deputy Stone contacted a truck driver who was taking an alternative route around the port of entry. The driver admitted to recently having smoked marijuana and a small amount of marijuana was found in his possession inside the truck.

Inmate medical expenses for May were $2,682.76 and most of meals totaled $10,024.32. Overall expenses for May 2012 were $158,902.02 and YTD came to $859,081.75. Revenue for May was $16,088.74 and YTD was $115.562.60.

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