Ammonia Spill Contained in Walsh, No Injuries

The all-clear was given for Wednesday’s anhydrous ammonia spill in Walsh at approximately 1pm. Three haz-mat vehicles and 75 responders took part in the evacuation of some three dozen residents and the handling of the tank carrying the fertilizer.

Riley Frazee, from the state department of Emergency Management said wind blown fumes from the ruptured tank necessitated moving the families out of the way until the spill was contained and controlled. A broken axle on the trailer towing the tank caused the container to break the liquid valve creating a one inch circumference hole, according to Stefan Warn, Prowers County Emergency Operations Director. Eventually, the hole was closed using a wooden plug and the company hauled away the tank once it was safe to move.

Frazee said the CSP Hazmat team remained on site, monitoring the clean up operation and making sure there was no ground contamination. He said some soil samples may be taken later in the week for testing. There was also some concern about water used to control the vapor and liquid spill running into a nearby ditch and that will also be monitored. The evacuation of residents ended around 2pm when residents could return to their homes. No injuries were reported and the two roads that were closed, CR 44 south of Walsh and Illinois Street in town were opened to traffic.

(photos courtesy of Stefan Warn)

By Russ Baldwin



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