And the Scams Keep Coming

The Lamar Police Department was recently given information regarding a credit card scam involving a local business. Doctor Sean Oquest recently received an e-mail requesting an estimate for Chiropractic services for several individuals. The e-mail requested the services for workers of an off-shore oil refinery who were to be in Lamar on vacation. The e-mail requested a quote for his services and wanted to pre-pay by providing a company credit card. The individual then requested the charges be substantially over the amount of the quoted price.  

Sean Oquest wanted to report the information to alert other local businesses to be aware of the scam. 

The Lamar Police Department warns of anyone requesting an individual to cash a check or use a credit card and return cash to them. In some cases the individual cashing the check can be liable for the amount of the fraud. 

The Lamar Police Department encourages anyone with questions regarding credit card or possible check fraud scams to report the matter.  The phone number is 719-336-4341.


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