Lamar’s Semi Parking Prohibition Coming Closer


Semis Parked for the Night

Semis Parked for the Night

Owners of semi trucks who park their vehicles on city streets for a lengthy time have had a grace period of several months to make arrangements to park their vehicles elsewhere besides city streets before the Lamar Police Department starts to issue tickets. This past spring, Police Chief Kyle Miller read a revised ordinance about the parking regulations for the Lamar City Council before it was approved on first reading. The concern is that the vehicles, weighing much more than ordinary cars or pickup trucks, damage the streets when they’re constantly parked in the same area for lengths of time. Semis and other large vehicles in excess of 20,000 lbs. can damage city streets, especially when they’re parked overnight and especially if it’s on a consistent basis.

The ordinance was based on similar rulings from other cities that have experienced the same problem. The ordinance prohibits parking on city streets between 5pm and 8am weekdays and on Sundays and legal holidays. Chief Miller said he realizes the word has to get out throughout the city, so a grace period of about six months was allowed before the ordinance would be enforced and that grace period is coming to an end. He wasn’t exactly sure how many vehicles will be impacted by the ordinance, but owners should start making plans to park in designated areas. One of those will be the open space south of the Rodeway Cow Palace Inn on North Main Street. Chief Miller said any vehicle carrying hazardous materials is prohibited from parking within the city limits and will need to take steps to find another area.

Chief Miller added that his officers won’t just start writing tickets, but will at least give a warning, mostly written, to any violators before they are ticketed and fined.

By Russ Baldwin

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