PCDI Board of Directors Respond to Lamar’s Decision to Pull Funding

PCDI Board Meeting

PCDI Board Meeting

(LAMAR, COLORADO) – Brilliant innovator and business man Henry Ford had a vision for success.  He said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”  Since its inception, Prowers County Development, Incorporated (PCDI) has been honored to have the support from and work with the Prowers County and City of Lamar governments.  At their meeting Monday (October 26), the Lamar City Council removed funding to support economic development.

Since the departure of the past economic director in February, the PCDI board of directors has continually sought input from all supporting governmental bodies as to the direction they wanted the organization to head for the future. The Prowers County Commissioners have tried to have discussions with the City of Lamar multiple times over the course of several months, but have been unable to develop a plan for PCDI. The County has had representation for multiple discussions with the PCDI board during this time.  Unfortunately, the City of Lamar administration had limited participation in discussions in which they were invited.

This lack of communication and now the decision to remove funding has left not only PCDI in a tough spot, but also Prowers County residents. PCDI Board of Directors President Rick Robbins said, “The most disappointing part for me is that the decision screams division. When you have two government factions heading in separate directions the loser is always the citizens. Instead of working together, tasks will be duplicated and costs will increase.

The direction of economic development for all of Prowers County now rests with the Prowers County Commissioners. Robbins said, “We have waited several months waiting on direction from our County and City. The City has given us their direction, it might not be one we agree with, but it helps us know what we need to focus on.” In the near future, the PCDI board will be meeting with the Commissioners to determine what the best path for economic development is without the support of the City of Lamar.

The City of Lamar and Prowers County have been negotiating on budget items for the last 30 days and have reached an impasse on appropriate financial commitments for programs which are shared jointly, specifically ambulance service, 911 service, and PATS services.  In addition Lamar has budgeted $1,000,000 for attorney fees.  These items are certainly significant contributors in the decision made by Lamar.”

PCDI will continue to advocate for economic development for all of Prowers County, including Lamar, despite the council’s decision. PCDI Vice-President Aaron Leiker said, “All people of Prowers County especially our youth deserve a future that is prosperous.  PCDI has always been an advocate for every community and we will continue to do so. The confidentiality that we are bound to often does not allow us to discuss the projects we are working on, but be assured of our commitment to Bristol, Granada, Hartman, Holly, Lamar, Wiley, and all points in between.”

PCDI welcomes comments from residents and business owners of Prowers County as the board of directors seeks to determine the best way to move forward. Comments may be sent via e-mail to pcdi@procolorado.org. ###

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