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The Lamar Police Department would like to remind everybody about bicycle safety as we approach the fall weather. As a reminder, bicycles which are ridden on the streets are required by law to follow the same laws as vehicles driven on the roadway. There are also laws concerning bicycles which are ridden on the sidewalk. One of these laws is bicycles are required to yield to pedestrians which are approached on the sidewalk. These laws are to ensure everybody using the sidewalks is safe and can enjoy the cooler weather.

If anybody has questions, feel free to contact any Lamar Police Department Officer and they will be happy to answer questions or call 719-336-4341.

CDOT Highway Safety Rules for Bikes & Motorists

Ride on the right

Riding on the right doesn’t mean hugging the curb or edge of the road. It means riding as far right as practicable and still being safe from debris, obstacles and traffic.

When to take a lane

A bicyclist may take the travel lane where traffic is slow and the lane is narrow, there is no shoulder or bike lane, when approaching an intersection, or if you are moving at the same speed as the flow of traffic. Moving to the center of the lane establishes your position and prevents motorists from passing until there’s enough room.

Ride Single File

Play it safe and ride single file. This provides more room to maneuver and allows other bicyclists and motorists to pass. However, you may ride two abreast if you’re not impeding the normal flow of traffic; or when you’re riding on a facility exclusive to bicycles.

Motor Vehicle Driving Tips:

  • Allow at least three feet between your vehicle and the bicycle to avoid blowing the bicyclist out of control or off the road.
  • Be patient and wait until it is safe to pass, as you would any other slow-moving vehicle. Be aware that when a road is too narrow for cars and bikes to ride safely side by side, bicyclists can legally ride in or near the center of the lane for more visibility and safety.
  • Please don’t honk your horn. You could startle the cyclist into an accident.
  • Look to your right before turning to avoid cutting off a cyclist.

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