Stay Safe and Legal Over the Fourth

4th of July Fireworks 2013 (4)


The Lamar Fire and Ambulance Department will be busy on Saturday, July 4th, setting up the annual fireworks display from the Sand and Sage Fairgrounds.  Hundreds of rockets and fireworks need to be mounted on their pads and ready to go by dusk.

2011 Lamar Fireworks Display

2011 Lamar Fireworks Display

The Department reminds residents that there are laws pertaining to what types of fireworks are permissible and what are unlawful.  It’s a pretty easy set of rules to follow.  Basically, if they fly through the air, they’re not legal; and this does include firecrackers of any type, airborne or not.

Unlawful fireworks:  Bottle Rockets, Firecrackers of any type, Mortars and Roman candles.

Legal fireworks:  Fountains, Ground Spinners, Smoke Bombs, Sparklers, Small cars/tanks with pyrotechnical fireworks  and “Trick noise makers” are also legal.  These include: Snaps (small paper wads that are thrown on the ground), Champagne poppers (pull string and they launch colored paper), Pull string poppers (small 2” paper tube with a string from each end).

It’s not a bad idea to have a small metal, water-filled bucket at your house to contain the sparklers or other types of fireworks after they’ve run their course.  It helps prevent someone stepping on them, or igniting a fire.

Additional information is available for the facebook site for Lamar Fire and Ambulance Service.

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