Holly Trustees Continue Administrator Search

Holly Banners Displayed in Depot

Holly Banners Displayed in Depot

The Holly Board of Trustees had been close to finalizing a contract with a potential new City Administrator, but the candidate, Eric Duthie, indicated he would not be available for the position.  Jerry L’Estrange, the interim administrator, will continue to serve the city in that capacity.  Megan Jara, Holly Town Clerk said there is about another month left on L’Estrange’s contract with the city and the trustees will probably take up the matter during their June meeting.

The municipal code book for Holly is being reviewed by Mayor Brad Simon and the Trustees for their input.  A future public review/hearing will be scheduled to allow comment from local residents before the final form is sent to the publisher.  One portion of the book, section #7 for Health-Sanitation and Animals is being applied by the city for guidance on various dog complaints and warning letters sent to their owners.

Valley Memorial Funeral Chapel in Holly

Valley Memorial Funeral Chapel in Holly

The Trustees are considering some simple landscape measures to the small vacant lot north of Valley Memorial Funeral Chapel which the Riner family gifted to the community.  The public works crew will clean up the lot before a service, but L’Estrange noted that for a small sum, the area could be cleaned, filled with top soil and given a water supply which would create a small, grassy pocket park that could be used by the townspeople.  He stated that once past the initial investment, it would be less costly to mow the area than use weed-whackers, and would improve the looks of the downtown area.

On a similar note, the town’s clean up day went over well and the free landfill day saw an increase in local traffic.  The public works crew traversed the community, picking up trash left out for collection.  The Trustees approved the purchase of a tractor-mower, ending an almost half-year search to fit the town’s needs.  The Massey tractor was purchased under the budget sums set aside.

Sealed bids will be opened by the city on May 22 for the surplus equipment that was listed several weeks ago.  The public is invited to the opening at the Town Hall at 4:45pm on that day.  Minimum bids have been set on the eleven items that are on offer, ranging from three trucks, two mowers, a back-hoe and assorted machinery and parts.  Offer prices range from $7,000 to $50.  The Trustees will consider setting a price on disposing electronic waste to be recycled.  There is presently no charge for the service, but a cost analysis shows the town is paying $0.35 per pound, plus shipping and labor to gather and shrink wrap the items and deliver the refuse to Swink.  A rate schedule will be developed and reviewed to cover the costs of the service.

The public works crew started their spring and summer schedule for park maintenance and have added sprinkler heads, raked and swept the park, applied weed and feed and have prepped and started the municipal pool.  Employees for the pool season were approved by the Trustees which includes:  Tracy Kirmer as pool manager and seven lifeguards; Haydden Humburg, Bailey Kennedy, Halie Schenck, Grant Thompson, Brooklyn Vargas, Darcy Widener and Danielle Zuege.

The Trustees announced the ARPA/Town of Holly 2015-2016 scholarship awards for the year.  Mason Pierce received the annual ARPA scholarship and the two Holly recipients wre Halie Schenck and Grancis Guerra.  Each student receives $500 to help further their education.

By Russ Baldwin

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