Changes to ANS Boat Inspections at John Martin Reservoir

Lake Shore John MartinHASTY, Colo. – A new Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) inspection has been added at John Martin Reservoir. Boats visiting the lake will now need to be inspected upon both entry and exit of the lake to prevent the spread of waterfleas now known to be present in the waters of John Martin Reservoir. This new inspection came into effect March 15, 2015 after John Martin Reservoir tested positive for invasive waterflea last winter.

Waterfleas are aquatic zooplankton that live in the water, and are not the same “flea” species that dogs commonly get. They do not attack or injure children, dogs or other pets. They only impact humans in terms of impairing fisheries and reducing fishing opportunities.

“We realize this is an added inconvenience to our boaters but we appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation in this necessary process,” said Park Manager Dan Kirmer. “These inspections are crucial in helping to keep Colorado’s waters beautiful.”

Both entry and exit inspections are free and performed quickly. The average inspection takes less than three minutes. Boaters at any Colorado waters are encouraged to practice Clean, Drain and Dry and perform their own boat inspections before and after use.

Mandatory exit inspections are not unusual in Colorado and are required at many other state parks including Lathrop State Park and Lake Pueblo State Park. Lathrop State Park requires them for Eurasian watermilfoil and Lake Pueblo State Park for Quagga mussels.

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