Breakfast Time for City Council at LCC

LCC President John Marrin Addresses Breakfast Audience

LCC President John Marrin Addresses Breakfast Audience

Lamar City Council informal breakfasts are becoming more popular, at least when they’re held at the Lamar Community College cafeteria for an early morning buffet.  A comprehensive representation of Lamar residents attended the February 4 breakfast, sharing seating with some early risers from the student population.  Business owners, retirees, Prowers County Commissioners and County Sheriff Zordel, along with city council members and staff were on hand for some general discussions that ranged from derelict houses to problems with Main Street parking, welding courses at the college and restructuring the organizational chart for the Lamar Police Department.

Lamar City Administrator, John Sutherland, noted that although CDOT is requiring the city to follow a 63 point checklist to build about 80 feet of roadway to connect Camino de Santa Fe to Highway 50, he felt confident the full access permit would be granted.  “We’re still hoping that we can get this project underway by this year,” he noted to those seated at his table.  Sutherland touched upon other subjects including how recent changes within the Lamar Police Department by interim chief, Kyle Miller will free up two officers for patrol duties at a savings to the city.  He noted that the recent loss of one of the city’s three K9 patrol dogs will not be covered by insurance.  Sutherland said the policy did not offer coverage through accidental death, so the police department will conduct their work using the two remaining K9 dogs.

Cory Daniels, owner of Coronica’s liquor store on North Main Street, said he discussed the CDOT timetable for the delayed overlay project.  “I spoke with Shawna Hodge about when the project is going to begin and at what point it would impact my store,” he explained.  Daniels added that he was considering a new storefront façade and wanted the construction to match when the roadwork was at his business.  “That will probably be a downtime in sales for us, so it may be the best time to work on the frontage,” he said.  Another Main Street issue was discussed for Main Street parking.  The owner of the Lamar Theater has seen his marquee damaged several times in the past by semi’s parked too close to the sidewalk.  While the owner was not present at the breakfast, Sutherland explained that he has contacted the local police about prohibiting semi parking at that spot.  “It’s an issue for CDOT as they own the road, but we can offer some advice,” he said.

Site of New Dorm, Due North of Cafeteria

Site of New Dorm, Due North of Cafeteria

LCC President, John Marrin, thanked the crowd for its attendance and spoke briefly about the pending construction and needed funding for the new dorm on campus.  “We appreciate the in-kind assistance we’re getting from the city and county on this,” he said, adding that the idea from Commissioner Ron Cook for an accelerated meeting schedule for all local parties is a good idea to speed development of the plans and responsibilities for the groundwork.  Marrin noted that there are increasing costs associated with the first dorm, which will accommodate 24 students.  “This is one key item we need at the college to help us grow and move forward, for ourselves and for the region,” he explained.  The project has been estimated at $900,000 and Marrin noted earlier that construction can start once a level of funding has been developed and the balance will be secured while the project is underway, hopefully by this spring.

By Russ Baldwin


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