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Holly Depot

Holly Depot

The Holly Trustees scheduled a work session in preparation for the 2015 budget.  “As the utilities comprise the largest portion of the budget, I recommend we begin there,” said Marsha Willhite, City Administrator.  The session is set for September 15 and discussion will also focus on the costs associated with funding a town police force.  Holly’s annual contract with the Prowers County Sheriff’s office is expiring this fall.

Willhite reported that progress is being made clearing silt deposits created by recent rains along a ditch east of Highway 89 along the railroad right-of-way.   Property owners and the railroad were made aware of the project by Willhite last month when she sought permission to go on their property.

CAMU, Colorado Association of Municipal Utilities, requested information from the city regarding rate classifications from this past July, a process that takes place across the state.  Willhite noted that Holly will supply financial information that will be kept confidential regarding small and large commercial customers.  On another utility matter, she said the ARPA member cities, which include Holly, will receive a Mutual Aid booklet from ARPA which lists utility contact phone numbers and listings of personnel within each city.  Those persons who can be contacted to make decisions during emergency situations are listed.  In the event of a community power outage, the booklet also identifies specific buildings in each community which can be used to host coordination efforts.

City maintenance noted that 89 tons of asphalt have been laid on Third Street recently and crews are spraying the city for mosquitoes every third day.  Drainage has been cleaned at Santa Fe, 10th Street and various locations east of town.  The city sprinkler system has been upgraded and improved with the replacement of a four inch main to a six inch main to the south of the park and a one inch service line was replaced with a two inch line which also increased pressure.  The East Lagoon is being dried out at this time and will be scraped in the near future.

A liquor license renewal was approved for Trailside Liquor and it was determined that Dwayne Grogan of D-M Liquors can transfer his liquor license once the proper paperwork has been completed.  Grogan and potential buyers of his store, Ken and Kathy Baker, met with the Trustees in August to determine the status of the license.  There was doubt concerning its validity, and Town Clerk Mary Ruston, Grogan and the Bakers contacted the state for a ruling. The cost of transferring a license is $750, while a new license costs $1,000.

The Trustees voted to continue their current insurance policy with CIRSA for 2015 with no changes to the amount of the deductibles for the New Year.  There was discussion about altering the level from $500 to $10,000 to generate a smaller pool contribution, but Trustees felt those savings would not provide any gain for a potential claim.  Property/Casualty payments for 2015 will be $24,051 and $9,790 for Worker’s Comp.  The Trustees approved the ACH agreement with Colorado East Bank & Trust for automatic utility payments and Reverend Kurtis Klinghammer  of the First Christian Church was approved for an appointment to the Holly Housing Authority Board.

By Russ Baldwin

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