Yard Sale Tips & Tricks 2 – Making Your Signs Count

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When planning for your yard sale, don’t forget signs. Signs not only direct customers to your sale, they also serve as easy advertising.

Your signs should be sturdy and easy to read from a distance. Instead of plain paper which is fairly flimsy, use cardboard to keep the signs from folding over in the wind. Be sure to write clearly and in large letters. Bright colors can catch the eye of a potential customer, but you should never let colors and decoration get in the way of your message.

If you live in a hard to find area, consider posting several signs leading your customers from a main roadway to your sale. Make sure all your signs match, so that the signs are easy to see and follow. If you do this, you might mention it in your advertising stating “Follow the orange signs.”

Test out your signs by posting one and then driving by to see if you can read the sign from the road. If you can, then you’ve created a great yard sale sign!

When posting your signs around town, be sure to comply with the codes and ordinances of the City of Lamar. You can find this information in the Home Rule Charter and Code of the City of Lamar, Colorado.  To access the Charter and Code, click here.

This is the second installment in a series of articles to help you have the best yard sale ever.  Be sure to check the latest yard sale/garage sale listings on our Main Yard Sale page by clicking here.

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Be sure to check the latest yard sale / garage sale listings on our Main Yard Sale page:

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