Granada Gets Used Fire Truck, Trustees Ponder a Facebook Site for Town

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The Granada Trustees covered topics ranging from the town’s levee inspection to initiating a facebook page on the internet for Town of Granada activities.  John McMillan, from the town’s public works department, said new regulations for the levee will be discussed with inspectors when they view some of the updates that have been made, during their visit on the morning of June 24.  McMillan added that the levee is in better shape now than it was the last time it was inspected, and basically, minimal acceptance levels are considered the standard by which they, (FEMA) operates.

McMillan said the town’s water well processor system has taken three lightning strikes so far this year, but the suppressors that were installed were worth the cost as the suppressor is being blown, but it’s protecting the rest of the equipment, at considerable savings.  The water tanks were recently inspected by Preferred Tank and Tower at a cost of $1,990.  McMillan said chip sealing will begin on some of the roads in town by Monday, June 16.  He explained that he usually cycles the roads over a three year period, and as the forth load of cold-fill materials has already been used from the county, there have been a lot of holes to fill, but there are still a lot left.  He told the Trustees he wants to use the grader to scrape a buildup of dirt along the sides of about a dozen streets.  All the water and ice has built up there over the past winter and he said because of that roll of dirt the water won’t drain off.  Once it’s picked up with a skid loader, it’ll let the water roll off the streets back into the ditches.

Dana Musick told the Trustees he has purchased a 400 gallon, four wheel drive, used fire truck from the Hasty/McClave department for $3,000.  He said the funding was available in the Bristol account and volunteer account with Granada.  The trustees approved the deal, as well as transferring the vehicle to the town’s insurance police.  Musick said the truck will pump 200 gallons of water per minute and with the installation of an auxiliary motor, they’d be able to pump at a faster rate.  It can also be used for control burns and to flush out hydrants.   “This will help us when respond to some structure fires as the first unit on the scene while we’re hooking up the regular engine,” he explained.  He said the truck will need some hose and it will be stationed in Granada.

Jerene DeBono informed the board, she’s concerned about the safety of the front door to the museum.  Some windows were recently replaced, but the front door cannot have the glass inserts replaced in it.  She felt a safer door would be in the best interests of security, something along the lines of a metal door that offers a deadbolt.  She said an exterminator is needed as the influx of bugs now inside the museum has become enormous.  The doors and windows will be an added help for keeping insects from getting inside.  She said she’d price some doors and let the Trustees know what the cost would be.

The Trustees decided not to issue information cards providing phone numbers for the mayor and board members for residents with complaints about town issues.  The general agreement was the best course of action would be to have the resident present their concerns during a board meeting in a more organized situation when the town departments are on hand.  Some more discussion will take place before a facebook page is setup for the town.  The Trustees felt this would be a good way to inform the residents of regular and special meetings, future community events and updates on town activities.  The Trustees agreed they don’t want to turn it into a ‘gripe’ page and will set up the facebook to exclude open comments from the public.

Police Chief David Dougherty told the Trustees, the second phase of the grant work on the CDOT, Safe Routes to School will begin soon.  He had a discussion regarding funding on the first two phases of the project and expects to see a reimbursement of $34,000 from the Department of Local Affairs.  He expects work to begin around the middle part to end of August and the construction is expected to last for 45 days to do Hoisington Streets to the highway.  Chief Dougherty said the state is okay with using a portion of the highway for the parade for Granada-Bristol Days and with some luck, security cameras should be installed in the town’s park ahead of the annual festivities.  Dougherty said the town’s insurance carrier, CIRSA, said there would be no problem with coverage for a small facility for a no-kill dog pound.  Granada could be covered for any physical replacement costs.  There will be a cost to the town to become a part of the E-Force radio communications group.  The plan, incorporating the Prowers County Sheriff Department, Lamar Police Department and E911 Communications Center will be partially funded at 80%.  The letter from Police Chief McCrea said Granada’s share is $4,556.  Dougherty said the Trustees will have to make that call to spend the funds.  The next regularly scheduled Trustees meeting will be on July 9.

By Russ Baldwin


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