Fire Department Incident Reports May 1, 2014

Fire Truck 4

Wednesday, April 23

At 2:54 am on April 23, fire personnel were dispatched to a contained trash or rubbish fire located at 912 West Olive in Lamar.  Upon arrival, fire crew found a small fire next to the front porch of the house.  A pressurized water extinguisher was used and successfully extinguished the fire.

At 10:27 pm on April 23, fire personnel were dispatched to 301 South 9th Street in Lamar to assess damage due to the wind storm.  A tree had fallen on the house and it was unknown if power lines were involved.  Upon arrival at the location, fire crew found a tree on the north side of the house that had been blown over onto the roof of the house.  They found that no power lines were involved.  The Lamar Building Department was notified to respond.

Thursday, April 24

At 6:28 pm on April 24, fire personnel were dispatched to 805 South 4th Street in Lamar on report of a possible gas leak.  Gas odor was found near the meter, but no LEL level was found using the gas monitor.  The home owner advised the fire crew that a new meter and line had been installed in June 2013.  Atmos Energy was notified to respond.

Friday, April 25

At 9:09 pm on April 25, fire personnel were dispatched to 1106 Parkview Avenue in Lamar on report of an fire alarm system sounding.  Engineer Kemp responded per protocols for multi-family dwellings.  Upon arrival, fire crew found nothing showing and an audible alarm inside with the door open.  Engineer Kemp made contact with residents who stated that they had burned food and could not figure out how to reset the alarm.  Engineer Kemp confirmed burned food in the pot and no fire present, then reset the alarm system.  No fire was found and light smoke was present.  Residents were advised to open windows and ventilate the residence.

Saturday, April 26

At 8:36 am on April 26, fire personnel were dispatched to an animal rescue located at North Gateway Park in Lamar.  Upon arrival, fire crew observed a dog out about 100 yards from the shore and bystanders stated that the dog had been in the same spot for approximately 20 minutes.  Prowers County Rural Fire brought a small row boat to be used.  Captain Widener and Engineer Kemp used the boat to row out to the dog and were able to pull the dog into the boat.  The dog was very weak but otherwise seemed ok.

Sunday, April 27

At 2:01 pm on April 27, fire personnel were dispatched to 704 Willow Valley Drive in Lamar on report of an unintentional smoke detector activation.  They were notified by the occupant via phone that she had burned food on the stove.  Engine 2 responded non emergent for the report.

At 8:23 pm on April 27, fire personnel were dispatched to a carbon monoxide detector activation located at 900 South 3rd Street in Lamar.  Upon arrival on scene, fire crew checked the house with a gas monitor and found readings of zero throughout the apartment.  The detector was only chirping about once per minute, not alerting continually.  Atmos Energy was called.


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