Fire Department Incident Reports March 17, 2014

Lamar Fire Trucks (3)

Thursday, March 13

At 2:40 pm on March 13, fire personnel were dispatched to an alarm system sounding at 1104 South 4th Street in Lamar.  Upon arrival, fire crew spoke with an employee who stated that the alarm had activated two times that day but this was the first time that it sent a request for response by the Lamar Fire Department.  After investigation, it was determined to have a faulty sensor, possibly caused by the amount of dust not he filter and around the sensor.  The employees were told to clean and reset the alarm.

Friday, March 14

At 1:00pm on March 14, fire personnel were called for a controlled burn by the Lamar Parks and Rec Department and were dispatched to County Road EE.5 and County Road 8.5 in Lamar.  The fill dirt pit behind Fairmount Cemetery had filled with blown in tumble weeds.  The site was assessed and deemed fir for clean up by burning.  The weeds were burned without incident.

Saturday, March 15

At 12:21 am on March 15, fire personnel were dispatched to 401 South 3rd Street in Lamar on report of a possible gas leak. Upon arrival on the scene, they were informed by the resident that he thought he could hear a hissing sound coming from is A/C compressor on the side of the house.  Fire crew investigated around the A/C unit and found no sound.  They checked inside the house with a gas detector and all results were negative.


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