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Prowers County Sheriff Jim Faull offered Commercial Club members guidelines on how best to help make their businesses secure during the monthly meeting, Wednesday, February 5th.  Faull noted that business and home owners can sometimes become too relaxed about safety measures to protect our property, especially because we live in small, rural towns.  To help businesses improve their security, Sheriff Faull offered some easy to follow suggestions:  keep businesses well lit at night, do walk-arounds on your property, utilize an alarm system, keep bushes short around windows, eliminate bushes or trash around entry ways and make sure you have good internal lighting. 

Faull added that even though we don’t have a full time police security in Holly, owners can protect themselves in various ways.  He said a lot of thefts happen internally or by employees.  When cash in handled on a daily basis, owners should practice dual control (at least two employees), business owners should consider using the night depository at the local bank instead of keeping cash overnight at their stores.  If there is ever a robbery, the best thing a person can do is just hand over whatever they are asking for, get a good description of the suspect and their vehicle when you’re questioned by law enforcement authorities. 

Guests for the February meeting included David and Heather Reid.  David Reid is a candidate for Prowers County Sheriff and he discussed some of his plans and what he would like to see happen if be were elected sheriff in November. 

The treasurer’s and Shopper’s Guide financial reports were accepted by Club members.  The Holly Commercial Club meets at noon on the first Wednesday of every month at the Holly Methodist Church.

Information Compiled from Club Meeting Minutes from Meadow Casey.

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