Fire Department Incident Reports January 3, 2014

Fire Truck 2

Friday, December 20

At 12:28pm on December 20, fire personnel were dispatched to 501 North 9th Street in Lamar on report of a gas leak.  Upon arrival at the location, fire personnel found a 100 lb propane tank that was venting.  The cap was still on the tank and it was wretched strapped to the trailer.  Fire crew informed the owner to keep an eye on the tank and to not smoke in the area.

Saturday, December 21

At 5:00pm on December 21, fire crews were dispatched to a carbon monoxide incident located at 704 1/5 South 6th Street in Lamar.  Upon arrival, fire personnel found that the CO detector was chirping to alert about a low battery.  The reporting party stated that the detector was “beeping continually” before the arrival of fire crew.  A gas meter was used in the house and crawl space, showing a zero for levels of carbon monoxide.  Fire personnel informed the reporting party that the battery needed to be replaced in the detector and if it continues to go off it may need to be replaced.

Sunday, December 22

At 4:05pm on December 22, fire crews were dispatched to a passenger vehicle fire located at 310 North 13th Street in Lamar.  Fire personnel responded but were advised that at the time of response the fire was out and that the battery of the vehicle had been disconnected to prevent further ignition.  Upon arrival at the scene, fire personnel found a 2000 Black Dodge Durango with damage to the underside of the hood.  The fire was determined to have been caused by arcing between the two wires supplying electricity to the hood light.  The fire had spread across the underside of the hood and burned approximately one third of the plastic underside.  After examination, no hot spots were found.  The two wires responsible to the arcing were wrapped in electrical tape to prevent resignation in case the owner decided to reconnect the battery.

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