Fire Department Incident Reports January 24, 2014

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Saturday, January 18

At 1:55 am on January 18, fire personnel were dispatched to a possible CO alarm sounding at 1212 South 7th Street in Lamar.  Dispatched notified fire crew that all occupants were out of the home and in a safe location.  On arrival, crew members found the home owner in a car on the curb side of the home.  The home owner stated that the CO alarm had started going off and that he would like his home to be checked.  Fire crew found a reading of 120 ppm CO at the front door and proceeded downstairs to gather more readings, finding a reading of 230 ppm CO in the basement near the furnace.  Atmos Energy was notified and verified the fire department readings upon arriving at the site.  The occupants were asked to find a place to spend the rest of the night until the heading company could come in and fix or replace the furnace.  The windows of the home were opened for ventilation.

Sunday, January 19

At 2:34 pm on January 19, fire crews were dispatched to an alarm sounding at 610 South 6th Street in Lamar.  Upon arrival at the scene, fire personnel found no fire but the alarm needed to be reset.  The system was reset which resulted in reactivation of the alarm.  Fire personnel performed a building search, through which no fire or smoke was found.  Bystanders at the scene stated that some basketball players had thrown a basketball and hit a detector, causing the activation.  Building maintenance removed the damaged sensor and the system was again reset.  Chief Cook arrive on scene to verify system reset and to reset the elevator.  The system was successfully reset.

At 6:04 pm on January 19, fire personnel were dispatched to 1005 South 10th Street on report of an overheated motor.  Upon arrival at the scene, fire crews found nothing showing.  Through investigation of the area, fire personnel found a cluster of power strips and cords in one bedroom, where the smell of smoke was thought to have originated.  No fire was located.  Upon examination with a thermal imaging camera and electronic tester, it was found that the cause was actually the motor inside the ceiling fan overheating.  The family was advised to leave the fan off.  The fan was checked for excessive heat and fire but none was found.  The smoke was evacuated from the house via open doors.

At 8:00 pm on January 19, fire personnel were dispatched to a smoking outlet located at 300 North Main Street in Lamar.  Upon arrival at the scene, fire crews found nothing showing on the outside of the building.  Through investigation, fire personnel found a power strip underneath the cash register that had been overloaded.  It was examined with a thermal imaging camera and found to be around 150 degrees F.  The power strip was unplugged.  It cooled and the smoke dissipated.  Employees were advised not to use the strip anymore.

Monday, January 20

At 1:58 pm on January 20, fire crews were dispatched to 1900 South 11th Street in Lamar for a medical assist for someone having a seizure.  Engine 1 was in the area for training and responded to the scene to assist the ambulance.  Upon arrival at the scene, the patient was found with his head down on a computer desk in the library.  Firefighter Frost started patient care while Captain Widener assisted with the ambulance equipment.  The patient care was transferred to Engineer/EMT-1 Arrona.  The patient was moved to the ambulance on the cot for transport.

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