Fire Department Incident Reports December 9, 2013

Fire Truck 2

Saturday, December 7

At 3:16am on December 7, fire crews were dispatched to Wal-Mart at 1432 East Olive Street in Lamar on report of arcing, shorted electrical equipment.  Upon arrival at the scene, fire personnel found no outward signs of fire.  Once inside, they were shown to the point of ignition by the manager and were able to smell a hot smell.  The point of ignition was an outlet inside the deli cooler which had a temperature of 115 degrees Fahrenheit that had sparked but was no longer on fire.  Fire personnel examined the breakers and noted several fire code violations, but found no hot spots.  They attempted to find the breaker and shut down power to the cooler but were unsuccessful.  They checked for fire extension down the wall and for heat behind the cooler but found none.  The outlet did not appear to be actively arcing while fire personnel were present.  Captain Burkhart attempted to get the outlet to arc and duplicate the earlier fire but was unsuccessful.  The management was advised to call emergency services if the oulet ignited again.

Monday, December 9

At 12:16 pm on December 9, fire personnel were dispatched to an alarm sounding at 1805 South 5th Street in Lamar.  Upon arrival at the scene, fire personnel found that the alarm was a flow alarm.  They determined that pipes had burst and the fire suppression system was shut down until repairs could be made.

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