Prowers Sheriff’s Posse Purchases New H.Q.


Posse Building at Fairgrounds

Posse Building at Fairgrounds


For dozens of summers, the Prowers County Sheriff’s Posse has helped manage the Sand and Sage Fair and other events at the country fairgrounds from either under tree shade or a tent.  Just recently, Posse members purchased a more permanent headquarters at the fairgrounds for themselves with their own funds. 

The building is a pre-constructed wooden shelter which will be equipped with electricity and air conditioning.  Aside from some basic comfort from the heat, the new facility will give the Posse a location from which to keep schedules, relay information to a new shift of members and a place where portable radios can be recharged.  Posse members can do their work outside as before, or from the small front porch and can install a small fridge to store food and keep beverages chilled.

Sheriffs Shed Fairgrounds (1) 

Prowers County Sheriff Jim Faull said there are approximately 20 Posse members and they are needed for security at the fair each year, guarding livestock, equipment and overseeing special events and the Posse provides crowd control during the annual parades.  The new building is located along the main roadway at the fairgrounds, set up at the usual site at the edge of the parking lots.

By Russ Baldwin

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