Maintain Alarm System Peak Performance with New Power Supplies

Lamar Fire Dept

Residents check the power supplies on their cell phones, ipods, digital cameras and lap top computers.  They can save a lot of time and trouble for area First Responders when they also check out the battery life of their smoke or carbon monoxide detectors in their home or business. 

The Lamar Fire Department has been responding to an increase in false alarm runs for nothing more than dead batteries.  Responding to false alarms is also a cost to the department and eventually the taxpayers in the city.  Call the fire department if you have a question about your alarm at 336-4321, but be sure there’s no need for a 9-1-1 run first. 

Smoke or carbon monoxide detectors need to have their batteries changed so they’ll continue to keep you safe.  When batteries lose power, some units will beep or make a chirrup sound that’s different from a genuine alarm.  Then it’s probably time to change the battery.  Some detectors only have a 7 year life span with or without new batteries.  Check to make sure your detectors are properly powered.  If they continue to put out a steady beep even with NEW batteries, your detector may need replacing.  Replacing batteries is a simple process that benefits everyone.  Make a note to yourself or mark your calendar when you update new batteries and plan ahead to replace the ones you have next year.

The Lamar Fire Department reminds the community to attend the Friday, June 21, Firehouse Carnival.  Enjoy games, food and family fund from 5:30pm to 9pm at Bicentennial Park, across from the fire station.

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