Renovations Underway at Port of Entry


Facilities Will Be Closed Until Early June

Facilities Will Be Closed Until Early June


Barrier cones are up at the westbound office of the Port of Entry along Highway 50 in Lamar and will be for four to five weeks at the facility is undergoing a much needed upgrade. Port of entry 2

The last time the building saw any significant improvements, according to Barbara Howell of the Colorado State Patrol, was in 1977.  Some alterations were done in 1982 when the drive-up windows were removed.  The CSP is responsible for the facility, but for some time was under the direction of the U.S. Department of Revenue.   

Truck drivers are not getting a bye on their route from having to make a stop, as Howell said they will need to check in to the next nearest facility on their route, which could be Trinidad, Monument, Limon or Loma which is near Grand Junction.  For a number of years, there were no safety inspections provided at the facilities, but Howell said that is going back into practice in an effort to maintain safety for the motoring public and for the highway infrastructure.  She said automated open and close signs will soon be used at the facility.  The upgrades are being done by Kodiak Buildings in Lamar.  The Port of Entry employee 14 persons.

By Russ Baldwin

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