Commissioners Hear Rescinding Request for Fly Ash IGA

Prowers County residents, Bob and Cathy Tintinger requested the Prowers County commissioners rescind the fly ash intergovernmental agreement between the county and City of Lamar.  The couple, who live on the county road leading to the east Lamar landfill, also asked the commissioners to consider a means of preventing sharp, tire-puncturing debris from spilling onto their dirt road when citizens or municipalities make dump runs. 

Although no fly ash has been transported to the landfill from the Lamar Repowering Project for over a year since the plant has been dormant, the Tintingers are hoping that rescinding the IGA would be a deterrent to another entity taking over the plant and making it operational sometime in the future.  Cathy Tintinger said the absence of an IGA would also help prevent fly ash dumping from an outside source as well.  Lamar Light Plant Superintendent, Houssin Hourieh, said that the coal plant has had an agreement with MacDonald Farm in Longmont to transport fly ash residue from the site for either disposal or to use in construction materials.  Hourieh told The Prowers Journal that the boilers will be tested sometime this summer and arrangements will be made with MacDonald Farm to haul away the ash as in the earlier contract.  Hourieh stated there are no plans to dump any fly ash into the Lamar landfill.  Lamar Public Works Director, Pat Mason, was also attended the meeting and provided technical information regarding the cells that are used to store refuse dumped at the landfill. 

The state of County Road 14 was also addressed.  Cathy Tintinger said nails and other sharp metal items falling off municipal and open-trailer, private vehicles en route to the landfill are constantly piercing the tires of their vehicles.  She said that even if some people stop to pick up debris that’s fallen from their vehicle, they usually throw it into the ditch.  Bob Tintinger said he’s noticed that the traffic increases every time there’s a free dumping weekend.  Tintinger said he’s had to purchase a new set of pick-up truck tires in just two years because of the damage being done to them by the debris.  “We’re going to the tire repair place two, three times a month,” he added. Even when the dirt road is graded, the situation is not improved as nails and sharp items keep appearing along the roadway.  The couple presented their solution to the problem to the commissioners, a magnetic bar which attaches to a plow blade that would pick up the metal items, at least.  The estimate of the device was about $325.  The commissioners said they would contact the county road and bridge supervisor about the feasibility of the device.  Cathy Tintinger said the county and city should collaborate to make certain the rules about landfill dumping are being followed. 

Year to date Sales Tax and Highway User Tax collections are down for the same period compared to 2012, but ahead of 2011 and 2010 figures.  Lorraine Woolley, County Treasurer, provided the quarterly tax summary to the commissioners.  Sales tax receipts for January through March of this year are at $417,671 compared to 2012 numbers of $435,872 which is a drop of $18,201.  Collections for the same period in 2011 were at $393,670 and for 2010 were at $368,163.  2013 year to date general fund collections is $944,041.  The commissioners asked about the status of Conservation Trust funds, as they’re looking ahead for the most viable means of affording permanent shower and bathroom facilities at the Prowers County Fairgrounds.  They will be used to accommodate future high school rodeo participants, as in years past, the county provided temporary facilities which could be transported on semi’s. 

In other action, the commissioners approved increasing a credit card limit for the Prowers County Sheriff’s Office from $1,000 to $3,000.  The commissioners also approved a worksite agreement between the SOS Center and PATS with Rocky Mountain SER.  SER will provide full-time janitorial services for three weeks at no charge during an absence of the usual staff.  An underground and utility permit for May Valley Water Association was approved along with a special events permit for the BPOE Elks Lodge on April 27 for a social event for the 75th anniversary observance of Lamar Community College.

By Russ Baldwin

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