Holly Trustees Approve Third Street Improvements


The Holly Town Trustees approved a request from the school board for improvements to Third Street consisting of a center line concrete overlay of 40 feet including curbing.  Three additional pole lights for the school were also approved.  Two will be 15 feet tall at $2,430 each and one 25 foot tall pole costs $3,000.  The school and town are sharing some of the costs of materials and installation with the town purchasing the poles. 


Construction Continues for the new Holly School


Holly Trustees also approved two resolutions, one, in support of the U.S. Constitution’s second amendment referencing the right to keep and bear arms.  The other resolution was an annual update designating The Holly Shopper as the official newspaper of general circulation for the town. 

Several agenda items from the Wednesday, February 6 meeting were tabled, to provide time for more information to be offered to the Trustees.  Administrator Marsha Willhite outlined several alternative rate increases for the electrical costs for irrigation classified customers for the town.  Willhite said this will impact about 15 current customers.  The irrigation classification study is one segment of a comprehensive report being prepared by the Nebraska Municipal Power Pool for proposed electric rate tariffs.  No action was taken on the town’s copy machine lease will expires next month and an idea on renting a shredder to dispose of waste tires was put on hold for future discussion.   

The trustees discussed the pros and cons and costs of a proposal from TWT Enterprises, which is developing several houses along Hughes Court.  Two have been built and one spec house is under construction.  The company offered the town the street for $5,000 provided the town chipseals the road.  Trustees discussed if a chipseal or paving the road with concrete would offer the best outcome.  Administrator Willhite said with the exception of electricity, the utilities for the development run under the street.  The Trustees directed her to conduct a cost analysis for several options, including an alternative dollar offer from TWT Enterprises.

 Argie Thrall, representing Air Sprayers, requested the Trustees consider constructing a larger hangar then the one that presently serves the town airport.  The proposed area for construction would be the northern section, near the tie-down area.  Thrall said he’s purchasing aircraft larger than the space offered by the current hangar and would require something between 80 by 80 to 100 by 100 feet.  Holly Mayor Brad Simon said the request would be taken under advisement and the Trustees could have some information for Thrall in about two months. 

Administrator Willhite said the town will consider a second page of information on Holly’s Municipal website.  She provided a breakdown on hits showing the most occurred in April, prior to spring and summer activities and school alumni functions.  The town calendar, the Blue Grass Festival and meeting minutes were the most sought after on the site.

By Russ Baldwin


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