CBI Implements Plan to Reduce Queue for Firearms Checks

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has implemented a plan to clear the existing queue by redirecting resources within the Bureau (excluding those who process employment/civil background checks) and extending InstaCheck’s operating hours beginning on Wednesday, February 13, 2013.

The effort to redirect CBI resources at this time is based on CBI’s evaluation of an existing window of opportunity to effectively clear the extended queue.
While the average for requests for firearms background checks topped 1,100 per day in January 2013 (much higher compared to recent years), CBI had projected levels of 1,500 per day. This slight reduction will enable the current InstaCheck team—with assistance from other CBI staff—to clear the existing queue in an expedited manner.
CBI will closely monitor the progress of those working to clear the existing queue. It’s believed the queue can be cleared in a short period of time, barring additional surges in requests for background checks for firearms purchases.
“We’ve constantly been monitoring the volume of requests for background checks and believe a window of opportunity currently exists to implement a plan to make tremendous headway in reducing the existing queue for background checks for firearms purchases,” said Director Ron Sloan of CBI. “We believe redirecting staffing for a minimal period of time will not adversely affect the service delivery of other CBI work units.”
Snapshot of the plan:
· Utilize the existing InstaCheck staff (21 people) to conduct background checks.
· Redirect staffing (16 people) from other CBI work groups (not including those who conduct employment/civil background checks) to assist in the process.
· Extend InstaCheck hours of operation to 15 hours a day (6:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.)
· Any overtime utilized to augment staffing will be covered through vacancy/salary savings within the current budget.

Director Sloan stresses this is a short term solution to address the existing queue and meet the needs of licensed firearms dealers and their customers, while balancing the critical role in public safety the background checks provide.

CBI will continue to work within the legislative process to address future resource needs.


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