Road Hogs Pass Through Lamar

Because of the snowstorm hitting the Front Range today, February 3, not a lot of 18-wheelers have been seen in town. Probably taking a detour, or waiting for the storm to play out.

However, residents along Highway 287 and downtown Lamar witnessed another instance in which some very big pieces of equipment are being built somewhere to the north of us, and transported to the south. A convoy of lead cars, CDOT vehicles, and state patrol cruisers and vans rode shotgun to several equipment rigs that covered the breadth of two lanes of Main Street in Lamar this morning. A tight squeeze here and there, but they managed to get through. Last summer several pieces of agriculture equipment were so wide, cars parked just north of the Main and Cedar Streets intersection downtown, had to be moved to clear a passage.

By Russ Baldwin

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