Food Safety Meeting Set for this Evening

Prowers County Courthouse

The issue of regulating and licensing retail food outlets during temporary events in the community will be discussed at a 6pm meeting this evening, February 15, at the Prowers County Public Health and Environment Mezzanine at the County Annex.  The question of safe food preparation came to light this past fall during a County Commissioners meeting with local health officials. 

The commissioners had been asked by some local groups just who has to obtain a food vendors license.   During the October meeting, Jackie Brown and Keith Siemsen, from the local health department, replied that it’s mostly a matter of commerce.  If you cook and sell food, they explained, you need to be licensed by the state.  That means submitting an application, and passing a test on the proper handling of food items.  The kitchen equipment used in the cooking, handling and storage of food are also specifically addressed in the regulations.  Commissioner Gene Millbrand said he had been approached by some Dutch oven cooking groups who wanted to know, if because they may charge a fee for their meals, they would be subject to licensing.  Brown said the answer is simply yes, whether a person is charged individually for a meal, or a group of people pay a fee for a buffet-style meal.   

Information regarding food preparation and sales during temporary events such as concerts, local fairs or festivals, cook-off contests, or local seasonal events such as Lamar Days or Cinco de Mayo will be covered at this evening’s meeting.

By Russ Baldwin


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