Phone Scams in Prowers County

Press Release: Prowers County Sheriff’s Office

The Prowers County Sheriff’s Office has received numerous calls from people that say they are receiving telephone calls from their grandchildren who claim to be in jail or in the hospital and are asking grandparents to send them money. 

Please be aware that this is probably a scam.  Ask the person questions that only your family might know.  Tell them to call their parents who will probably have a better idea of the location of their children.  I know it’s difficult to say know but in all likely hood this is a phone scam.  Very few grandchildren will ask their grandparents for money in an emergency. 

Make sure you know who you’re talking with on the phone.

Jim Faull, Sheriff Prowers County Sheriff’s Office

719-336-8050 Office

719-688-5105 Cell

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