The Lamar Theater Marquee Takes Another Hit

A Frozen Food Express delivery truck took a two foot long chunk out of the base of the Lamar Theater marquee Thursday, March 31. Theater owner Rick Ross said he notified the driver that the truck was very close to the curb, and the driver needed to be cautious when he pulled back into the street. Apparently that wasn’t the case as Ross noticed the damage and notified the police.

The truck was pulled over in Bent County and taken back to the Port of Entry where the driver was met by Lamar police for action on the damage. Ross said the marquee is behind the edge of the curb, but because the roadway is canted, the top portion of a large truck is closer to his building than at the base.

The shows will go on. Ross said the Lamar Middle school students were enjoying a movie, “The Karate Kid”, as a reward for taking their CSAP tests. The theater owner said a similar accident damaged the marquee in almost the same spot several years ago. “This is going to take about 20 hours of phone calls and paperwork,” he commented.

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